I’ve been sent a colposcopy appointment on 30th March.  My most recent smear test was in January.  I’m not worried because it’s not the first time I’ve had this sort of thing done and, I figure, if it was terribly urgent, they would have called me in immediately.  Having said that, I’m not looking forward to it either.  The letter this time made me think they’re inviting a camera crew in there this time!  I’ve had more doctors than boyfriends!  It’s awful that I didn’t have more fun when I was young, eh?

I hate parking down the road because I can never find a parking spot at the hospital; I hate the time that I have to take off work, and I hate the indignity of lying on a table with my legs in the air.  If only there was another way to find scary objects without the use of rubber gloves, a speculum and a camera crew!

Helios asked me if I wanted him to come along.  I told him no because last time I had a colposcopy it was painful.  I told him after the first time that I was glad he didn’t come along because once it started to feel painful, Helios probably would have decked the doctor doing the procedure.  He’s good at charming the locals.  (!)

I just hope that they don’t try to sell me the coil again.  I tried the coil in 2006 in the hope that it would help my endometriosis but it didn’t and, worse, it twisted my bowel in two places – so I had my second laparoscopy to sort it all out!  During my most recent smear test the ignorant nurse told me that I should try the coil and said she’d never heard of the coil having the side effect of twisting bowels.  I hate it when I have to correct medical personnel!





2 thoughts on “Colposcopy

  1. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. It’s not fair. I hope you come out with good news. I’ll be thinking of you. Sending love.

  2. Hi Linda

    Thanks very much for your comment. Some days I feel stronger than others. Today I feel as strong as an ox and cannot think why I was making such a fuss. Other days I feel more delicate and try not to bite my nails. Helios is keen to come with me this time and I’m wondering if I’ll let him. I expect it will be nicer for me to have him hold my hand than some nurse I don’t know.

    I’ll keep you posted as to progress.


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