A New Way to Wear a Bra…

Last night I brought home a new bra.  I wanted something as comfortable as my sports bras that Helios gave me for Christmas.  My new one isn’t anything special – I just wanted a bra comfortable enough to wear to work.  I start to get frantic with underwire bras that stab me in the boob all day long!  I detest looking for bras.  At 34E, I feel I never find any thing that’s attractive and comfortable: anything remotely attractive isn’t supportive enough and the ones that are supportive start just below my chin and end above the belly button.  Yesterday I finally found one without wires and lacy.  It’s comfortable enough to wear all day.  I held it up to Helios for his expert opinion.  He said “Coa!  That’s massive”, pulled it from my hands and proceeded to pull it onto his head.

If you ask me, I don’t think you can really trust a man who, when presented with a bra, doesn’t pull it over his head.

I have seen a number of friends over the past few days.  A couple of people are leaving Liz’s Courts Service and I had lunch with a couple of them on Thursday.  It’s nice that they’re moving to bigger and better things but sad that I probably won’t get to see some of them as often.

Later that night I saw T&L for dinner where we put the world to rights.  Normally we have dinner at T’s or meet in my village but this time I drove to L’s village.

Today I saw another friend who I treated very delicately.  She had her appendix out a few weeks ago so I told her that we’d meet and have lunch but I would insist on driving her home.  I didn’t realise that they could do an appendectomy by laparoscopy but that’s what she’s had.  She was obviously a little sore around the belly button (I could tell because she sat back in her chair as much as possible at lunch.  We only had a couple of hours together but it was nice to catch up with her – if only to make sure that she’s feeling better!

Tomorrow I’m planning on watching the Manchester United v Liverpool game and not doing much else.