Surrounded by Mommies

I’ve had a stiff and sore neck all weekend long.  I really don’t know how I’ve managed it but I was sitting on the couch on Saturday when I turned to get my drink when the left-hand side of my neck went into spasm.  It’s been agony.  I’ve tried a very hot bath, Helios gave me a massage for as long as I could stand him touching my neck, Helios prescribed gentle neck stretches which I’ve been doing regularly (and they seem to help),  I’ve taken paracetamol and mefenamic acid for the pain, I’ve rubbed ibuprofen gel into my neck with varying degrees of success.  I have managed to sleep through the night over the past couple of nights.  I assume means that either it’s not as bad as it could be or it means that I’m so accustomed to surviving through worse pain that this doesn’t seem so bad!

As I walked into the office this morning like Frankenstein’s monster, my boss asked me if I’ve been to the doctor.  So I found myself ringing the doctor and asking for an appointment.  I organised a taxi there and back (a luxury I can ill afford) and went.  When I told her all about it she  had a feel of my neck – which cannot have been easy because her hands were so painfully cold!  Her surgery window was wide open and I didn’t want to even take my coat off!  She said that Helios was right and was looking after me properly.  I needed to continue with the stretching – 20 times a day – and that the pain should be gone within a week.  I wasn’t even given any painkillers or muscle relaxants!  I wasn’t terribly surprised that the doctor was of no help I know that they don’t have magic wands and cannot wipe away every ailment, it would have been nice to be referred to a physiotherapist like I’d asked.  Honestly, I pay for extra private medical insurance and I don’t get any use out of it because my doctor doesn’t want to refer me – well that’s just dumb.

I got back to the office to a whirlwind of questions.  What did the doctor say?  Did she give you anything?  Are you being referred?  Should you be lifting anything?  Honestly, there were three of my work colleagues clucking over me like mother hens!  In the end I said “MOTHER  PLEASE!!” and they quietened down again.  It was nice.

In other news, I received a plea from Endometriosis UK asking for volunteers to help a graduate student doing a psychological study on endometriosis sufferers.  The study examines how women talk about endometriosis in their daily lives in order to get a sense of how women with endo make sense of living with chronic illness.  Of course, I’ve been in touch.  I’m hoping to try and see this person in the next couple of weeks and will let you know how I get on.  I am keen to help in any way I can.  I told the MSc student that I was originally from the US but now am a British citizen and, thankfully, this won’t matter.  I figure that any way that I can help the cause I ought to try!