Stiff Neck

I woke up at 7:00 a.m. this  morning.  At first I felt fine but, I don’t know.  I must have moved strangely or something because my neck is in agony.  I hoped that Helios wouldn’t notice but within 10 seconds he asked how I felt and was my neck OK?  He has some first aid training and knows me well enough to know when I’m moving strangely – but it’s always a surprise when he appears to read my mind like that.

Helios followed me to where my gets the MOT and drove me home so that I wouldn’t have to sit and wait at the garage.  All the way there and back my neck was so sore.  Luckily my car passed the MOT with no problems.

We got back home and I took some painkillers (Lucky I’ve got some serious painkillers I use for my Endometriosis pain!) which helped but not enough.  I took a very hot bath which felt good at the time but I struggled getting out of the bath so I went to bed for an hour or so.

Helios came along and rubbed my neck for a few minutes but that didn’t help much either.  I explained that Mom would sometimes have this too – I remember her saying “It’s as if I’ve turned my head too quickly.”  Helios translated that to “Your neck froze to prevent any further damage being done.”  OUCH!

I spent the rest of Saturday watching TV.  I tried not to move my neck too while doing regular small neck stretching.   Let’s hope I feel better tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!