A bit of excitement

I left the flat this morning at my usual time with my usual kit and caboodle with me.  I made dinner in the slow cooker, took the garbage out, took the recycling out, made and ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and took my vitamin. I remembered my lunch, gave Helios a kiss and had my keys in hand.  I locked the door behind me and hopped in the car.  The drive to work was easy as the children are out of school this half-term holiday week.  I was in good spirits.  It’s Friday today and the partner I work for is on holiday today.

I got to town, parked up, marched to the Friday Market and bought some fruit for Helios and some vegetables for me.  I dropped them in the boot of the car and marched up to the office.  I got in, clocked on, put my coat away and sat down when my mobile started ringing.  I wasn’t quick enough and it clicked over to voicemail.  My phone is organised in such a way that I can see who is calling and, as I immediately recognised Helios’s number, I rang him back before checking the voicemail.

In this country there are two door locks – the one in the handle and another deadbolt.  When I left the flat I had locked both – locking Helios inside.  Without realising my mistake, I drove to work leaving Helios to fend for himself.  In order to leave the flat this morning he had to climb out the window and let himself back into the flat to get his coat before walking to work.  Lucky our flat is on the ground floor!  On his way to work he rang me and we laughed through the conversation.  He wasn’t angry at all.  He found it painfully funny and called me a Bonky Wife.  Of course, because he was laughing, I laughed with him.  It’s so nice that he wasn’t angry.  He finds me funny even when he’s probably having a swear at the same time.

While I laughed, I also found the situation painfully embarrassing.  This weekend that door is either going to have major surgery or it’s going to be replaced.  Helios has already said he’d look into it…

In the meantime my friends have gathered around me to ensure I don’t feel too daft.  One of them said that she dunked her cauliflower florettes in tea to see if they taste anything special – they don’t.  The other had an incident with cauliflower last night.  She dished up her husband’s carefully planned meal (as her husband is on a diet) She’d:

“carefully done all of his, presented him with the results, and waited for the usual murmurs of lovely and thanks.  Only got “very nice, apart from the plastic”.  I racked my brains – gammon steak (no plastic), cauliflower and cabbage (no plastic), curry paste (possibility? no don’t think so).  And then it hit me – I’d pureed the cauliflower – and left on the plastic blade guard, so that got pureed too!!”

So even though I didn’t need to be brightened, my friends came to my rescue, reassuring me that we’re all as daft as each other.  Isn’t life grand?

Plans for this weekend include getting the MOT for my car.  The MOT is a test that motorists are required to have on each of their cars every year to ensure the car is road-worthy.  You cannot obtain car insurance without an MOT certificate saying that your car is road-worthy.  I drive a Toyota Yaris so, unless the end of the world is nigh, it should pass the MOT without difficulty.  (Touch wood!!)



2 thoughts on “A bit of excitement

  1. I think more should be made of how I had to squeeze my skinny ass out of secure windows designed not to open that far to be safe.

  2. Helios

    I apologise for the clear lack of sympathy. If it’s any consolation, I con’t think I could have squeezed my size 34Es around our secure windows!

    Thanks also for performing plastic surgery on the door. It’s good to know I won’t be able to lock you in again!
    Love you

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