February Update

This past weekend was busy by my standards.  I took a couple of things to the dump, stopped off in town to get a new clothes horse, dropped off some clothes to the charity shop and then went home where I had a tidy and cleaned the kitchen.  In the meantime, Helios got his car jump started and went on a drive.  As we’re going to see his family next weekend, we wanted to be sure that the battery wasn’t dead.  Luckily it wasn’t.  Helios hadn’t bothered to start the car in a number of months so it’s hardly surprising that the thing didn’t want to start.  Having said that, I’ve also filled my car with petrol (a whopping £35!) so we can get there if Helios’s car doesn’t start next Saturday morning.

I had a nice chat with Helios’s mum on Saturday.  We didn’t talk about anything in particular and then she asked me to get Helios to ring.  So, when he got back from his drive I told him.  He was immediately worried that there was something important that she was going to tell him but it was the usual “nothing in particular” chat with him as well.  He seemed annoyed (because he had worried) but I told him that she’s his mum and she loves him.  I expect what he sometimes forgets is that mums can sometimes worry if they don’t hear from you…

Sunday we coloured my hair – it’s very similar to every other time I’ve coloured it but it’s a bit more red this time.  I went to work hoping that not everyone would notice.  If you’re working in a “professional” and “corporate” environment, it’s a bad idea to turn up in a hair colour that’s shockingly unnatural.  Luckily only a few noticed, so I think I’ve gotten away with it looking reasonably natural again.  I always try to do my hair before seeing Helios’s family.  As much as we all get along, I do want to make an effort!  Of course there’s the bonus of feeling a bit brighter because you’ve had your hair done and you feel that you look nice.

We’ve finalised plans for next weekend.  First it drive down to the West Country.  See Helios’s parents.  Have some lunch together.  Go and check into our hotel.  Unpack.  Go to our favourite restaurant.  We have vouchers/coupons.  It’s also walking distance from the hotel.  It’s not gourmet, but it’s good food at a reasonable price.  Then back to the hotel for some TV and sleep.  We’re meeting Apollo Sunday afternoon and spending time with him.  No doubt we’ll end up in the places we’ve been before but the point is to see him, not the town.  Then it will be back to our favourite restaurant before more sleep.  Monday we trek back home.  It’s only 4 hours but it does feel a chore at the time!

My laryngitis is still pronounced.  I can talk but I squeak through sentences.  Some words come out in a loud whisper.  I’ve pretty much given up on trying to be quiet and I’m sure I’ll regret not having a more concerted effort this week.  However, I just don’t feel that I can take time off work while the only thing that is wrong with me is my throat and voice.  Consequently I’m still struggling and complaining as I go.




One thought on “February Update

  1. Hopefully your voice will keep improving and be back to normal soon. You must have had a virus for it to carry on this long.

    Hopefully spring will be here sooner, rather than later. We all need a break. It’s -17 degrees fahrenheit windchill here this morning. The good news is the sun in shining and the sky is blue. One nearly forgets the color of the sky during a winter like this one. Ahhhhh. If you lay on your back and look up at the sky, fantasies of spring cover your mind’s eye.

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