New Year, New News

Part of the reason I’ve not written much recently is because a couple of people have died and the shock has thrown me.  Maybe I’ll talk about it in the future.  Right now, I find I write and write and then don’t publish because I’m sure it’s not quite right.  However, my mother has asked me to continue making blog entries – even if it’s not always about endometriosis or PCOS or doctors.  Mom, this one’s full of news for you.

Everyone always asks what resolutions you make in the New Year but I find if I resolve to do something, it doesn’t get done.  Instead I make plans and that usually works.

This year I’m planning on travelling more than I did last year.  Helios and I are hoping to see friends in Paris over my 40th birthday weekend.  I’m planning on going to a place in Wales called “The Mumbles” with a couple of girlfriends for a weekend.  Of course we’re planning on visiting Helios’s family a couple or three times this year.  Finally, and only if the budget (not just money but holiday time as well) can stretch to it, I’ll be visiting my family this year.  It’s true that part of me feels this is just pie in the sky but if I don’t do it this year, I’ll certainly plan for it next year.  Let’s be honest, it may take a year of saving up to get that plan done!

Before Christmas, Helios and I saw the most recent Harry Potter film.  Now, Helios has reluctantly seen all the films (and felt their plots were feeble) but, as this one stopped in the middle of the story, he wanted to see it again to make sure he saw what he saw (perhaps to figure out the rest of the story?).   In the end, he decided that he wanted to know how the story ends and has started reading the books.  Well, when I say read, I mean he’s got the audio books and leisurely listens to the dulcet tones of Stephen Fry.  I also picked up the books again, partly because I couldn’t remember where all the Horcruxes were and partly so I didn’t miss any of Helios’s fun.  The good news is that we’re both enjoying the books.  Helios seemed surprised that the characters are so well developed and the plots are not flimsy but, as we all know, in order to condense a good book into a 2 hour story, much of what makes the book great gets left in the book.

One of Helios’s Christmas presents was a day-trip to London to see some of the works of his favourite painter – Canaletto.  I enjoyed the exhibition and appreciated the paintings but they’re not my favourite subject.  I got the feeling that Canaletto was a frustrated architect as there are people in the paintings, but they seem to have been added last as an afterthought.  Still, the paintings were beautiful and I appreciated the hours involved in making them.  We had a great time and Helios took some photos of me, uniquely positioned, so that the fountains of Trafalgar Square seemed to be squirting out of my head.  We bought the book commemorating the exhibition and have taken home fond memories of another day spent together.

Just after Christmas I got a quick message from Maia asking about how Christmas went.  I replied and then didn’t hear from her again.  At the time I didn’t know what to think and I still don’t.  I could chase my tail from now until Saint Swithbert the Younger Day trying to work out what she means by doing what she does.  I’ve decided to consider her contact a blessing.  I expect someday she’ll be a part of our lives, but she’s clearly not ready for that yet.

The only irksome thing that happened over the holidays was flu: I got flu a week or so before Christmas and am still suffering the aftermath.  Initially it was just flu, then it mutated into a nasal and sore throat, finally it’s mutated into laryngitis.  Yes, I’ve had anti-biotics with no relief really.  Of course, the annoying thing around the office is that I now have to write or email everything that I want to say which has left the admin room very quiet indeed!  Because I’m at the office, my voice (despite my efforts) isn’t getting much of a break.  I thought I’d almost gotten over the laryngitis last weekend – because I’d managed to keep quiet for most of it but now my voice is nearly gone again.  I’ve had to carry around notes saying “I am not antisocial.  I have laryngitis and am trying not to speak.” and “Thank you for asking.  My throat doesn’t feel too bad but my voice is nearly gone again.”  I find that people keep asking me how I feel and I want to shout at them “Do you honestly think I would be able to answer you if I have laryngitis?!?  Duh!!”  I’ve also resorted to hand-gestures.  Thumbs up, thumbs down.  Shrug.  Nodding and shaking head.  Unfortunately it doesn’t go very far and I find myself whispering just to get people to shut up around me. Yes, I am grouchy but I’ve had one thing or another for over a month now and I’m fed up with feeling ill!

In other news, Apollo and Helios and I chat frequently at the moment.  (Apollo is still looking for a job – everyone keep your fingers crossed!  He seems to get interviews but hasn’t had any offers yet.)  The nice thing about Apollo is that he seems to say what he thinks to us.  So, a couple of weeks ago he said to me “When are you and Dad visiting again?”  I replied, “I was thinking either March or February.  When’s good for you?”  He said “February.”  I did a bit of organising the next day and we’re now visiting soon.  It’s nice that he seems to want to see us.  It’s nice that he’s comfortable enough to just ask when he’d like to see us.  In fact, things are going so well that I mentioned to him it would be nice if he came to visit in the summertime.  He’s not made firm plans yet but intends to sleep on the couch if the weather is bad or sleep in a tent in the garden if the weather is good.  I have asked him to make sure he keeps us posted as to when he’s likely to come so that we can have time off work to be with him.  To help, I’ve sent him a link to cheap bus travel in the UK:

I was shocked at how little they charge for long journeys!  Of course, the travel takes much longer than if you drive, but sometimes life’s a trade-off, isn’t it?  For my American friends, you will see that they operate in the US !  Take a look.

More recently, I had another smear test.  It’s never pleasant but at least they’re putting me in a proper chair with stirrups and a good light source at the moment.  I can’t help but think that it’s a much easier experience if your doctor is in a position to actually see what they’re doing without reeeeeaaaaaching over your leg to get the instruments where they’re going.  The test was a follow-up from the pre-cancerous cells they found a year ago.  Luckily (so far) they haven’t found anything else of interest.  I expect the next time I go for a test I’ll have to go back to my GP.  She’ll have to be a contortionist to be able to do the job and I’ll try not to launch myself into the wall head-first!

Helios and I have another trip to London planned in the next few weeks.  We have friends coming over from Greece . They’re keen to meet us on the day they’re here.  I’ve already got the train tickets and coupons for money off Churchill’s War Rooms Museum .  You can always tell when I’m looking forward to something because I’m organised well in advance!  They’re going to a rock concert that evening and it’s a band Helios and I are not interested in.

Tomorrow I’ve got an appointment with my new NHS Dentist.  I don’t really know how much they charge but as long as it’s less than my previous dentist, I’ll be happy.

I think that’s all from the news desk here in the UK.  Further bulletins will be broadcast shortly…




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  1. Nice to read your update. Have you rethought the date of your Paris visit? I can’t imagine if you have to go to London to go that there will be any space on the train. Also, that would be a high risk day to travel at all for the terrorists. Just saying.

  2. Thanks for your comment Linda. Please remember that I’ll be travelling away from all the excitement on the day in question. I’ve bought the tickets and we’re sorting out what presents to buy.

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