The Step-Kids

First – Maia

I have experienced the full range of emotions this weekend.  This story needs a little background.  After Maia had a pop at Helios several months ago, Helios “unfriended” Maia on Facebook.

This past week Maia contacted me via MSN to get in touch with her dad.  Helios and Maia then had their same argument that they’ve been having every time they talk to one another.  After she spoke with her dad she “unfriended” me on Facebook.  Although she is still capable of contact via MSN, I feel she’s effectively cut herself off from both of us.  As much as I understand she’s angry (even though she claims she’s not), I feel she’s a hypocrite for “unfriending” me after her dad “unfriended” her.  I can’t quite believe that she wouldn’t think there would be no consequences to this.

It also makes me think that she may have something against me – even though she claims she doesn’t.  She has made it clear that she doesn’t know me, but by cutting me off it shows that she doesn’t want to get to know me.

Yet at the same time I know that I won’t give her a hard time about her being so immature.  I feel that it’s more important to show her how adults communicate.  I feel it’s important to show her how to forgive people.  She needs to let go of her anger and accept people for who they are.  That includes her parents.  She has to learn how to treat people well – or in the very least the way that she wants to be treated.

If my hypothesis is right, she is angry because neither of her parents measures up to what she thinks is the ideal.  She needs to forgive her parents for all the mistakes they made when they raised her.  No one gives you a manual of how to be a parent when babies come into the world.

Where does this leave me?  I need to ensure that she understands that she cannot hurt me (or anyone else) without a consequence.  As I only noticed that she “unfriended” me last night and I saw when she came onto MSN late last night and I switched MSN off.  I can’t help but want to show her that, if she doesn’t want to get to know me, I don’t have to be easily available to help her.  Not yet anyway!


Then Apollo

Helios and I chat with Apollo a few times a week.  He’s still looking for a job at the moment.  As there isn’t much there in his hometown for chefs, I suggested that he look into publishing – I can see him telling people that they need to buy this or that book.  He’s so well-read and intelligent I am hoping that he’s serious about looking into it.  Having said that, I checked on-line for publishers in his hometown.  Unfortunately there aren’t many for the areas he’s interested in, but with luck he may find something in either area…  I’m hoping that he will want to move to London (and closer to us) because that’s where the majority of the jobs are in this country.  When I suggested it he said he didn’t have the money to move…  Helios and I need to win the lottery so that we can help our families!

Other than that we chat about movies and just about anything else.  If I’d have had a son, I’d want him to be like Apollo.

I happened that I was chatting to my mom and Apollo at the same time, so I mentioned them to one another and he’s “friended” my mom!  I don’t know if they’ve been chatting but I suspect they have – Mom has said what a “nice boy” he is.  Now I’ve told Apollo that I wouldn’t call him a kid but I expect Mom’s allowed – I’m sure she thinks of me as a kid and I’m nearly 40!



2 thoughts on “The Step-Kids

  1. If you let her control you she wins. Ignore her. You have better things to do than worry about her. She’s behaving like a spoiled child. She won’t grow up so long as she knows she can get her way and make everyone jump. Time will mature her, but for now, I’d just forget about her instead of whipping yourselves into pretzels for her. Don’t make her that important because she isn’t.

  2. Once again, thanks for your comment. I know time will mature her, I just can’t help but wish that things were going a little more smoothly with her… I’m sure she and I will be friends eventually – I just wish it were sooner rather than later.

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