Helios and Maia

Maia got in touch again last night to blast Helios.  Although she didn’t have a blast at me, I still find her contact to be troubling.  To me she says “I don’t have anything against you, I just don’t know you.”  So, I’m waiting for her to say “I’d like to get to know you”.  In the meantime I’m watching Helios suffer while he’s defending himself against her.  She comes across as being very aggressive so he says to her “I’m sorry you’re angry” and she says “I’m not angry.”  She seems so hormonal.  I keep reminding Helios that I was like that at that age and that most girls suffer a little bit with their hormones.  I said to Helios “You know what I’m like when I’ve got a bit of PMS?  Well imagine that but worse and you’re trapped in a body where you’ve not been experiencing PMS long enough to be able to be objective about it and the PMS is 20 times stronger than in an adult and it tends to creep up on you at any time of month.”  I keep reminding Helios that she’ll be sane again when she’s in her 20s and that she’s probably like this to everyone – it’s not much consolation.  I’ve told Helios that it seems to me there are a number of issues she’s trying to sort out 1) she’s jealous of Apollo, 2) she’s angry at not having seen Helios for so long 3) now that she is having a little contact with him, she’s disappointed that he’s only a person rather than the man-on-the-pedestal that she’s imagined him being for all these years.  I suspect there are other issues but those three are the ones I’m fairly certain of.  Because she’s got so much going on in her head she cannot express herself clearly and just comes at him fighting.  At least Helios’s got me now.  I hope that if I keep reminding him that half of the problem is that she’s not emotionally mature enough to express and deal with how she’s feeling, it will make things easier for them when she is in her 20s…

In the meantime, when I complain to the girls at work (of course I haven’t given them quite all the gory details) they ask “How old is she?” and when I say 17 they all pretty much have the same reaction – they throw their hands up in the air and say something along the lines of “I don’t know what to tell you.”  Just chatting about it with the ladies here does provide some relief.