I woke up this morning from another bad dream.  Ramman and I were on holiday together.  We’d taken two chartered planes to get to where we needed to be.  Although it was a beautiful place, Ramman managed to find everything that was wrong with the place and proceeded to stress me out with his incessant complaining.  By the time that I’d managed to almost relax, we were on our way back to the UK again.  I remember specifically saying to him “Next time we come here, I think we’ll be better off not bringing all the washing powder – We can just bring some smaller bits instead.”  As usual, I seemed to be carrying far more than him and the washing powder seemed to be hanging from one finger while I was trying to balance the load.  By the time we got on the two planes he didn’t sit next to me.  The chartered planes had large comfy seats but when it turned, the bank was severe and I bounced a little in my seat.  I enjoyed the flight and looked over to Ramman for attention but he was in deep conversation with the bloke beside him.  At the time I felt slightly disappointed (not to have any attention) but more relieved (that he’d found someone who could actually entertain him).

I infrequently check my horoscope but with Venus in Retrograde, I should expect a slightly rocky time with my partner and for exes to creep out of the woodwork.  It’s the sort of time that makes people question who they are with and why.  Funny how, with things going so well between me and Helios, the stars force my subconscious back to the time when I was unhappy.  Of course, it could be a load of rubbish and my dream was just a figment from a conversation that I had with my boss about how awful my life was before and how lucky I am now.

Helios has officially started fundraising for The Prostate Cancer Charity.  The blokes do a “Movember” event to raise awareness and money where they all grow moustaches and look frightfully masculine.  Helios has already started to grow wide sideburns (mutton chops) so at the moment he looks like a balding red-headed Elvis impersonator.  I expect his moustache will grow into a very 1840s style once he gets it going.

I finished my period for the second cycle of my new rota.  I had the usual problems with pain and woolly head.  It wasn’t intolerable but I did have an incident.  At one point on about the third day, I had a funny 30 minutes where I flowed and flowed and flowed.  I was terribly uncomfortable as I felt as though the world was coming out of me but it stopped as quickly as it all started.  It made me paranoid for the rest of my period – I wore maxis and carried extra tampons.  I was so unsure about it that I wound up speaking to my boss, who isn’t much older than me.  She said that she has this once in a while and that it’s only her body telling her “This is your last chance!”  So, at first I was a bit concerned but, if it’s the sort of thing that I can expect as I approach the big Four-Oh, I’m not worried.  My main concern is how many toiletries I’ll feel compelled to carry over the next couple of years!  I suggest you buy shares in feminine product companies!