Last weekend was very busy.  It started on Thursday evening when we ran into our neighbour.  He had friends who had season tickets to the football game but couldn’t go.  Did we want the tickets?  WOW!  As if we wouldn’t want the tickets!!  The rest of that evening was spent planning Sunday’s trip.  It was a normal working day on Friday followed by the movies. Saturday was an “admin day” at home to ensure that we both had enough clean/ironed clothes to last us this week.  Then early Sunday morning it was off to Manchester to see our favourite football team beat one of their historical rivals.  As I’m accustomed to very laid-back weekends, it was a long one for me.  The trip to/from Manchester took roughly 4 hours each way!  While travelling by train is vastly easier than driving, there was one part of the day that I hadn’t planned too well.  We got to Manchester OK , shared a taxi with 3 complete strangers to Old Trafford (AKA The Theatre of Dreams) which saved us a barrel of money.  We didn’t have any problems at the stadium.  After the game, however, we managed not to find the metro station right next door to the stadium.  Well, we’d been walking for about an hour and Helios (who knows he has no sense of direction) kept looking at the Sat Nav on his phone and saying “We’re almost there!”  I knew we were in trouble when we got to a bus shelter complete with map, and I couldn’t find anyplace on the map that looked promising.  Even Helios claimed that we were going in the right direction but I couldn’t see anything on the map that said “Metro”.  I didn’t start to panic, but I was getting cross.  Really we know what his sense of direction is like so we should have just gone back to the beginning but by the time I realised that we were too far off the beaten track to find what we needed, we’d been walking too long to go back to Old Trafford.  Then we were rescued by a black cab.  Oh JOY!  How wonderful to be able to get back to the train station in time to catch our train back to our little town.  Normally we would have to change trains a few times in London but these services on Sunday were great because we had to change trains once on the way there and no changes on the way home.  As I say, I’m still grateful to that cabbie.  Next time, I won’t rely on asking people when we get there but will plan the journey in much more detail.

We’ve heard from Apollo a few times this week.  He’s reading the books that we gave him for his birthday (and he had comments) AND he’s getting job interviews.  Please keep your fingers crossed for him!

On Thursday this week Helios went to another one of his scary movies.  It was Devil or Death or Buried Alive in the Dark or someother such nonsense that even he wasn’t very impressed with by the end.  He should have stayed at home with me and seen “Better off Dead” – an 80s comedy with John Cusack about a guy whose girlfriend beaks up with him in the first 5 minutes or so and he spends the rest of the film trying to kill himself while his family don’t seem to notice.  Meanwhile, the actual love interest of the piece is the French foreign exchange student who moves in next door.  Will he get the girl?

I got some fresh vegetables at the farmers market this morning and I’ve asked Helios to treat me to one of his famous soups tonight.  We need it.  The summer heat has finally gone and the autumn rains have arrived.  Everyone seems to be getting colds and we’re finding more and more spiders in the flat – no doubt it’s that time of year when they come indoors to live out their final days in comfort and warmth but when I see them I ask Helios to catch them and throw them out.  Apparently it’s bad luck to kill a spider on this side of the pond.  As much as I understand the sentiment, I agree with Apollo: spiders have too many legs to be natural!  Yick.  In fact, one evening this week, Helios found a spider that was so big, he went off and got his gloves (to save him being bitten) before he collected it and threw it outside.  It was so big that when he chucked it out, we heard it hit the gravel drive.  YUK!

In other news, I have finally sent off my application for my British Passport.  As well as sending off all that paperwork, I’ll be required to attend an interview where they will determine that I am who I am.  I can’t think how they’ll determine that I am who I say I am but I’m sure it will be an interesting conversation!

Next week we’re off work.  We are baking cookies this weekend for a charity event at Helios’s work on Monday.  They’re having a bake sale/competition to find the best baker.  H chosen peanut butter with chocolate chunks, which sounds like a winner to me. Then we’re hoping (one of the days we’re off) to go on one of our long walks along the canal.



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  1. Its not bad luck to kill a spider I just don’t kill things for the Hell of it. who said may be in a film don’t kill what your not going to eat.

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