I have some horrible news.  I’ve grown another bra size.  I think it’s official now that I’ve bought more than one bra in the new size.  OK, I’m hoping that they’ll shrink back a bit after my next cycle but I’m so uncomfortable in DDs that I had to go shopping again for something even bigger…  For some women this would be a wonderful event celebrated with champagne.  However, for people like me it’s something else to sigh about.  I started noticing these gastly growths at the tender age of 10.  TEN!!  It’s no wonder I have a slightly hunched  back – in a subconscious “I’m no slut” way.

When I was young (several centuries ago) I wore some nice bras.  Nothing lacy and rarely something with matching nice underwear.  I didn’t want to look “easy” and considered myself “tasteful”.  Now I’m wishing I had had nicer bras when I was young because the boobs I have today are so enormous that my bras look like hammocks!  Wow Foxy, those hammocks are smashing!

I suppose I ought to be grateful because there are some women who pay a small fortune for the size of software I’ve got but I can’t help but moan.  It’s bad enough I have to heave them over my shoulders when I climb the stairs.  Anyone who wants big ones like me ought to know that it can be painful to even go upstairs sometimes.

My mom once warned me that I’ll probably grow a size every decade.  At this rate they’ll be dragging on the ground by the time I’m 60!  I don’t like the thought of it, but maybe I’ll put in for a reduction and by the time I’m 60 I’ll be ready for the reduction surgery and I’ll ask for a B cup.

Most red-blooded men like big ones but I was cuddling up to Helios earlier in the summer and when I flopped my left boob on his back (so that I could get close to him, you see?) he complained at the weight and told me to get it off him.  Now we are separated by the gigantic land-mass that is my boobs in bed.  Worse, I still have to carry the things around despite having no easy-carry handles!

I wouldn’t want mosquito-bite boobs either.  Why can’t we ladies have something in between mosquito bites and hammocks?


2 thoughts on “34E

  1. Foxy, your hammock comment has me giggling. Sorry. lol.
    And no…. mosquito bite boobs aren’t great… I’m liking this almost C cup size I’m at right now… don’t want any more growth or any shrinkage…. I’m sure by the end of all of this I’ll be lucky if I’m not back down to nothing. 😦
    When I get back to my mosquito bites I’ll take some of your hammocks and we’ll both be happy at the in between point? 😛
    Sorry we haven’t had a chance to chat at all lately, hope all is well with you!

  2. Don’t be sorry. I was trying to be funny and people have missed the joke. While I find it awful to have boobs that my mom thinks are clearly “from your father’s side of the family”, it’s a misfortune that I prefer to laugh at rather than cry over. There isn’t anything I can do about it so I laugh instead of cry. Unless of course, you’d like some of my volume and we’ll both be happy once your Junior comes along.

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