Uninvited Autumn Arrives

The other night Helios went to see a scary movie.  Now, for the most part, I don’t like scary movies – especially those that try to be too realistic.  So Helios went out with a bunch of friends from work and I stayed at home and watched a comedy: LA Story with Steve Martin when he was still funny.  It’s a lovely love story that also pokes fun at the Californian lifestyle.  After a couple of hours he came back and told me all about it and I’m sure I wouldn’t have liked it.  Later on we curled up together in bed and he said “I love you.  It’s nice to cuddle you.”  I said in reply “I love you too and I’m so glad I didn’t go to see that film with you!”

I’m delighted for my sister.  Her boyfriend has moved in and they sound like they’re getting on like a house on fire.  I also managed to hit a home run with her birthday present – it’s so hard to find something that I think she might not have and that she’ll like and that will ship well and and and, etc etc etc.

Last week I had dinner with a friend and we set the world to rights.  I got some good gossip and a recipe for lentils and leeks topped with a filet of salmon.  Very nice indeed!

I’m nearing the middle of my second “extra long” cycle and it’s definitely easier than the first.  While I am a little bloated and tired, I’m still in good spirits.  I’m not experiencing any pain but I am having a little back discomfort which are easily sorted with a bit of stretching.  I’m hoping that the periods themselves get lighter and easier but I won’t know about that until I’m a few more cycles along…

The other good news is that I’ve managed to sleep well for the past couple of weeks, which for me is usually much more difficult.  I think it’s because I’ve stopped worrying about things for the moment.  I climb into bed (and over Helios to get to my side) and drift off – sometimes with earplugs in my ears because the neighbours delight in doing their dishes right around the time I’d like to go to bed!

Autumn has arrived uninvited to England.  The trees in my back garden are starting to go from green to red and yellow.  It is a spectacular sight next to the evergreens!  Despite the cooler temperatures and crisp frosts, warm sweaters and hot coffee to warm your hands, I will always prefer summertime.  I seem to need the long, happy summer days even if I’m just couped up in the office all day.  Autumn and winter will always seem dark, oppressive and bleak.  Having said that, at least the winters in this country aren’t nearly as harsh as in the Midwest!  I rarely see snow here which, by extension, means I never shovel it.  Winters here are more about incessant rain and keeping dry than wading through snow.  It’s a slightly different mentality requiring a lot of waterproof layers.



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  1. You’ve had frosts? Our trees are just beginning to show color. I like a long autumn, but hate, hate, hate, winter ice and snow!

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