Back to Earth with a Bump

I had a wonderful week off with my Helios.  Although we didn’t do much, it was really just what I needed.  We saw his parents and Apollo.  We went on a couple of long walks, saw his folks and, of course, started watching the start of the new Premiership Football season in this country.  Helios and I are fans of Manchester United – possibly the best football team in the world.  I find that the weekends go by quickly when I have something to get excited about and I do miss the games over the summer (especially bearing in mind how badly England did in the World Cup!)

I saw a friend as well when I was on holiday and seeing her made me grateful for everything I’ve got.  Oh sure, her life is going along OK.  She’s got a decent boyfriend and a new flat but she’s had to start eating meat again (which she’s not entirely happy about) and her job is really awful.  So, when I left her that night I was grateful that my life is on an even keel and that I’ve got a great husband (who thoughtfully insisted that I take the sat nav that night), a job with nice people and a nice place to live.  I could focus on the negative and go on about my health and all the things I’d like to do if I had the money but I’m blessed and there’s no denying it.

I slept very well when I was on holiday but last night I was right back into the habit of fretting instead of sleeping.  I lay awake at night wondering about the step kids and what was happening at work while I was away and Helios didn’t come to bed straightaway last night – some nights I find I can’t sleep without him.  Helios stayed up to see the end of Match of the Day (a programme about football).  When he didn’t come to bed by the time I thought the show was over, I got up for my ablutions and poked my head round the door to the living room to remind Helios to come to bed.  He’d stayed up to see another programme and was probably falling asleep on the couch when I tapped the door – I couldn’t tell for sure because I left my glasses by the bed.  My glasses are so expensive that they’re either in the case or on my face.  No other place will do.

I was awake before the alarm went off.  I didn’t get up though because I hoped I’d fall back to sleep.  Instead, I laid there and fretted again about work and wondered if I’d be made redundant.  (In case you didn’t know it, I sometimes suffer from paranoia.)  I got myself so worked up again that my rash has started to reappear on my face – but not as bad as it was just after I’d been flashed.  I’m a daft gal.  I shouldn’t have been surprised that everything was pretty much the same as I’d left it at work – even my filing basket isn’t very full.  Unfortunately however, I feel very tired.  I’ve been yawning most of the morning.

Helios never likes to go back to work on a Monday, so he’s at home doing a few chores today.  He’s found a place that sells American Twinkies and he’s keen to get there.  It’s been years since I’ve had a Twinkie but remember it tasting just a little of chemicals…  There’s a really good selection of diet things which might be nice for me.  I seem to have such a hard time finding diet things in this country.  For example, when I get a cough I try and find diet sweets to suck on but the selection in this country isn’t very impressive.  They sound really good and said that they’d try and get anything I can’t normally find.  I may log onto their website and ask for Pace Picante sauce.  It’s one of the few things I really miss.  You can get salsa here but not in the quantities that I like to eat and, if you think about it, it’s OK for me.

I know I didn’t do an awful lot while I was away but it really was nice just to sit and not have to move…

In the meantime, I did have an invitation to Texas in December but that’s had to be cancelled.  In a lot of ways it’s a good thing because I don’t have a financial buffer at all at the moment.  All the buffer that I had will be going to fund the no-frills holiday we just took.  No frills when we see Helios’s parents always includes a cheap hotel down in the town centre because his parents live in a flat that’s too small for us to invade.  I’m loathe to make firm plans for travelling until I get my British passport anyway.  That’s my next big expense.  It’s bad enough that I’ve got to find a lawyer (lucky I used to work for several solicitors firms!) to swear and affirm that I am who I say I am.  I’ve also had to ask Mom for all sorts of vital information that Immigration never asked but Passport Control are asking – when my parents were born, when they were married, when all my grandparents were born and when they married.  Why they need to know this is beyond my reasoning but I’m not allowed to reason why and I’m sure they’ll just reject it if I don’t do it and then I’ll have to pay another fee after I’ve got the information.  How stupid is that?  I suppose you have red tape issues wherever you live.  I cannot remember how much it will cost but it’s bound to make my jaw drop.

Once again it’s back to square one financially and I’m looking at other ways to save money.  For instance, my bank was recently taken over by a Spanish bank and they’re wanting to charge me a monthly admin charge.  I don’t ever remember paying a monthly charge for my bank account here so I’m looking at moving my account to somewhere a bit more civilised.  Luckily there are a number of banks out there with good deals for switching at the moment!

And then there’s the issue of a visit to the US .  Since I’ve been getting in touch with old friends last summer I’ve had more than one offer of a place to stay.  It would be nice to see old friends that I lost touch with again, as well as family.  Oh well.  I should manage to make it back if I keep saving…