Long weekend

Although I worked all week last week, I consider that my weekend started on Thursday.  I went to a hen do with some gals from work.  It wasn’t booze and a club – as the bride to be is in her late 50s she didn’t fancy anything too strenuous.  Consequently, we went to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in town and had a lovely evening.  I had a glass of wine, some chicken with tomato, olive and caper sauce and a slice of cheesecake to top off the night.  (No, I shouldn’t have had it but I didn’t think it would be quite so large!)

Friday wasn’t too stressful at work and I finished off by going to see the HM Courts Service gang (Yes, Liz was there!) and I stayed long enough to get some decent gossip.  After my glass of water, I drove back to our village where Helios and his friend were painting the town red.  I met up with them in the cocktail bar and then took them to collect a take-away before we all piled in my car and went home to watch DVDs.  As I didn’t have a drop that night, I took Helios’ friend back to his hotel at 11:00.

So I climbed over Helios and into bed that night but he was so far over on my side that I just let him cuddle me until I got too hot.  When I tried to roll over he didn’t move so, as my backside was pressed against the ice-cold radiator, I had to give him a shove or two to get him to move.  When he finally did stir he said “mutter mutter mutter mutter JEANS!!”  Luckily he was just awake enough for me to get him to roll over to his side of the bed and I was more comfortable.

Saturday was nice.  Helios’ friend arrived at a civilised hour Saturday morning and we walked down the river into the Village where we bought some VERY sour sweets for Helios and his friend got some for his kids.  These are the same sweets that Helios gave to Apollo in March.  Apollo liked them so much (and they are so sour) that he ate too many and it made the skin on his tongue peel.  (!)

We walked back to our flat, Helios made one of his famous soups for lunch and we then sent his friend on his way home.  It was lovely to see him but I was very tired by the end of it so I had a nap that afternoon.

As usual we watched Dr Who (as expected, it was excellent) before heading out that night – we went to see a band Saturday night.  I had a great time and boogied on the dance floor to some serious Motown Sounds!  Helios sat at the table with my bag and looked grumpy.  I kept asking him if he liked it because the only clue he gave me that he was enjoying himself was when he tapped his fingers in time to the music on my leg.  I didn’t give him any grief though – I expect he was still a little worse for wear from the night before!  Poor Helios was shattered and fell asleep in the car on the way home – which is something he rarely does.  At least later on that night he didn’t try to push me out of the bed via the ice-cold radiator again!

After all that activity I was grateful for a quiet day and I made sure and got a little nap Sunday afternoon.  My mom sent some vouchers for my birthday and I took great delight in watching the first of a few films that I picked with her gift certificate.  Thanks Mom!  We saw The Marx Brothers’ film “Duck Soup” which was funny, but not as funny as I’d expected.  Although I will say that I recognised a few gags that I first saw in cartoons – which made me laugh.

While I am still a bit tired now, I’m much better off than I would be had I not managed to get a bit of extra sleep at the weekend!   I’m clock-watching today at work.  Some days I’ve got more than enough to do and some days I’m scratching around.  I’ve been online looking for anniversary gifts for Helios (not until 23rdJune)!  I’ve found something on the slightly funny side that might get a chuckle…

I’ve been on my new birth control for over a week and so far I’ve not noticed a difference.  OK, I am extremely tired but I’m chalking that up to being too much of a social butterfly over this past weekend.  I’m still hoping that the new pills will make me feel a bit less grumpy (especially during PMT time) and much less bloated.  Fingers crossed!



2 thoughts on “Long weekend

  1. The Blind Side is very good. I’ve also seen It’s Complicated that I liked, though you’d have to like Alec Baldwin and Merle Streep to really enjoy it, I think. I do. Slumdog Millionaire is great, though a little too violent for my specific taste. Have you seen Love Actually? It’s one of my favorites. Coyote Ugly is good–just saw that on TV. What other movies did you get? Duck Soup has to be 100 years old and look it. We are so much more sophisticated, discerning, and worldly in the 21st Century.

  2. Linda

    I also bought The Hurt Locker, Let the Right One In (a Swedish Vampire film), A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, Inherit the Wind and finally the rest of the Marx Brothers – Horse Feathers, Animal Crackers, Monkey Business. I tried to get the most out of the gift certificate – so that means some classics as well as a couple of modern award-winning films. As I say, so far I’ve only seen Duck Soup but I am looking forward to seeing all my choices soon.

    Thanks for reading me.

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