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I went home from work early yesterday.  My stomach is doing odd things.  Well, when I say stomach I mean my bowel.  Yesterday was just hot and cold and not feeling very bright – like I’m trying to fight something off.  I had a couple of movements in the morning but then just felt like I needed to go during the day.  Although I also felt odd during the day, I still got up and did the laundry.  Last night I had a dull pain in my right side but not painful enough to think it’s appendicitis.  I did say to Helios before I went to bed early that that’s where the pain is at the moment thinking that he wouldn’t be too surprised if I had to wake him in the night.  This morning I felt OK first thing but the pain in my right side has started up again.  No.  It’s not so painful that I need to go to the doctor.  Not yet anyway.

I had a lovely emailed conversation with my baby sister yesterday.  Oh sure, she’s not a baby anymore but when you’re 12 years older than your sibling, you sometimes forget exactly how old she is and, when that happens, you are reminded of her still in diapers carrying around a bottle in her teeth.  She outgrew that a century or two ago, but it doesn’t stop me remembering that age fondly.

She sent me a link to a lecture she did and it was just great to see her.  I sat agog looking at her thinking “When did she get so big?!?”  She’s taller than I am and, because of our size difference, she was sometimes mistaken for the older sister when I was in my 20s.  Now that I’m going grey and wrinkling around the eyes, I’m sure she looks the younger one again.  As always, she was prepared, informative and seemed very natural behind a podium – not that she spent much time in one place!  I was delighted to see her in motion.  Photos are good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s so nice to see and hear someone you love in motion…  I don’t tend to get homesick anymore but I do miss my family.

As I went to bed early last night, I was awake today just before the alarm usually goes off this morning – 5:45.  I didn’t realise the time but know enough of what I’m like to get up.  Once I’m awake that’s it.  The day will start now.  Some days I take a bit longer but once I hit a threshold I’m awake and there’s no stopping me getting up.

Helios and I have a bird feeding tree in the garden but we also have a much smaller bird feeder attached to the window where the birds we call “the kids” come to grab a nut.  I think Helios is quicker than I am because by the time I hear them land and chirp, all I see is their backside as they fly away again.  Having said this, I am slightly faster because before, when I wasn’t listening for them to land, I didn’t see them at all.  Helios would say “Look quick!!” and they were gone.  Luckily a few have felt comfortable enough there to dig through the nuts and even throw a few on the ground.  (When that happens Helios tells them off for making a mess!)  As we see them so close, some of them are showing their personality which requires individual names – black cap, quiff and scruff for starters.  Quiff is so named because his feathers don’t lay flat against his head and he looks like he’s got an early Elvis hairdo.  They’re all boy birds so far too and I remind Helios to keep filling the other feeder so that we’re not missing anyone.

Once I name something my mind wanders into the realms of what they do and I find myself making up stories.  Quiff makes a living by being a bird Elvis-impersonator and sings “I’m all shook up” to his wife.  They’re paying a mortgage on a comfortable one-bedroom nest in the north end of the garden and they’re hoping to push their kids out sometime next week so they can have the place to themselves again.

Scruff works in radio announcing sports programmes.  This year he’s looking forward to announcing the World Cup in South Africa where he’s hoping that England win.  His favourite player is Wayne Rooster.  I think Black Cap works for The Queen as HRH’s chimney sweep.  He has 5 chicks with his lovely wife.


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  1. Birdwatching is such fun. I enjoy it too. Right now though, I’m watching jack rabbits. They have some nests in the tall grass on the lot (previoulsy farmland) behind my house. They come and sit around my yard just before dusk, which drives my dogs crazy. If I say “rabbit” they run to the patio door and look for them. If they see rabbits, they want to be outside, and be running after them . . . until they run out of “tie out” and they come to an abrupt stop. The rabbits know exactly how close they can sit and still avoid the dogs running madly towards them barking. They are smarter than my dogs, but my dogs enjoy it so! Me too. I must also say that these rabbits are at least the size of my dogs, so it’s a real comedy. They wouldn’t know what to do if they caught one, but these rabbits move at the speed of light so there wouldn’t be any danger anyway unless a rabbit wanted to chase my dogs. Then my dogs would move at the speed of light back to me, I’m sure.

  2. Linda
    Your dogs sound really cute and I can totally appreciate how watching their behaviour can make you very happy.

    Thanks very much for sharing.

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