May Update

Mom asked me and I couldn’t remember if I’d said that my doctor’s appointment last week went pretty much as planned.  I went in and told her how I was feeling and what I thought the problem was.  She asked about my physical symptoms which pretty much accorded with how I’d been feeling so she put me on a different birth control.  She wants to see me again in June to check I’m taking to the new pill ok.  In the meantime, I’m to have my last period with this one.  She said I could have gone straight to the new one with no stops but I wanted the bloating and discomfort to ease before I started something new.

Although I think I slept well last night, I still had some odd dreams.  I was concerned with the traffic on the roads going to work so I went into another dimension and went roughly in the right direction thereby missing all the traffic.  It was a nice but very odd dream.  The sky was red.  I think something in my mind thought that the Earth was actually Mars?

Over the bank holiday weekend we didn’t hear from the kids, but I suppose that’s to be expected.  I’m sure they don’t want to spend hours with the oldies!  Helios sent Maia an email.  On Monday I sent both the kids a message to thank them for their kind birthday wishes on Friday and to say that I hoped they had a lovely weekend.  At the moment I’m happy that we’re doing all we can without pushing too much.  I do sometimes wish that they would contact us more often but then I don’t want to be pushy – they might resent me if I come on too strong.

Today I’m feeling decidedly periody.  I know “periody” isn’t a word in the English language but it really should be.  I managed about half of my gym walk this morning.  I’m bloated, tired, hot and woolly-headed.   Why does my period affect my bowel movements?  I mean, it could just be the chilli con veggie I had at the weekend, but I think my period has something to do with it too.   To try and settle things, I took my extra-strength anti-inflammatory this morning.  I haven’t quite started yet but expect it at any moment.    Funnily enough, my hormones haven’t been too bad this month but I chalk that up to 1) I’ve finally done something about it and it’s not going to give me a problem purposefully to make me wonder if I’ve made the right decision and 2) I’ve found a tea with Milk Thistle in that I regularly drink now and suspect that’s been a huge help in keeping my hormones balanced.  As I’m still pretty bloated, I’m going with the new pills because they’re meant to be better for the bloating as well as PMT.  Obviously we will have to wait and see what (if any) other side-effects come into play.

Bearing in mind that my last surgery was in November 2008, I am beginning to wonder about my pain levels again.  I am managing the pain with paracetamol, Mefenamic Acid and Helios’ “pink and fluffies” containing codeine some evenings.  I was hoping that the birth control pill would have made

Honestly, if I were designing a new and improved female of the species, I don’t think I’d make her life quite so difficult.  I’d imagine it’s hard enough to try to fall pregnant and then to carry and go into labour!  Ouch!  There’s a comedienne in the UK who said “I’ve been told that having a baby changes your downstairs.  Is it like putting an extension in downstairs?  I like my downstairs the way it is.”  Besides, why would I need kids of my own when I’ve got my sister (who is 12 years younger than me – so I’ve felt a bit like a mini-mommy for all that time); I’ve got Maia and Apollo and, although I’ve missed their youth, I will enjoy them as only an older sister can.  I also have friends’ kids and neighbours’ kids who I tend to spoil as and when I can.  I get all the good bits without having to discipline them!  The best bit is that I’m the one who made the decision and Helios agreed with me – not the other way around.