Pub quiz

Helios went to a pub quiz last night which meant that I had the whole flat all to myself.  I took the opportunity and cleaned and cleaned!  I vacuumed the whole flat – including under the bed and behind the sofa, I cleaned the bathroom, I fixed the leak in the kitchen sink, I cleaned the mirrors, I had a bit of a tidy round and threw out a load of junk that will never be missed.  I felt proud of myself by the time I finished and sat down to watch a bit of TV!

I was determined to stay awake for Helios when he came home and popped on my laptop while I waited.  I had a nice chat with Apollo at about 10:00.  I started off by asking why he was up so late and he reminded me that he “is a big boy now.”  Well, I discovered that he doesn’t get up till late so staying up well into the night doesn’t bother him.  Whereas when I told him that I tend to get up at 6:00 he was horrified!  He said “I’d die!”  I couldn’t help but laugh and said “No you wouldn’t.  You’d just go to bed earlier.”  Apollo and I also discussed politics, he has finally decided who he is going to vote for in the upcoming general election and I wanted to find out what finally made him choose…  I just love it that he and I can chat like old friends.

Helios arrived home and immediately asked me why I was still awake. (!)  Waiting up really wasn’t a chore and I prefer to see him.  We went to bed immediately and he said that he’d missed me.  Isn’t he a sweetheart?  I don’t get a lot of alone time and I normally enjoy it.  I really was too busy to miss him until I decided I was done cleaning and sat down. To be fair, I put on one of the mixed CDs he’s made me and I felt that he was with me while I was cleaning – so I didn’t suffer missing him.   Actually, I tend to miss Helios when I’m out with friends – I keep thinking “Why isn’t he with me?” and “I’ll have to remember to tell him that.”  It’s as if things don’t actually happen until I’ve had the chance to experience them or to tell him about it.

It sounds like Helios’ team did well at the quiz but didn’t manage to win.  The way he barged into the flat last night he seemed annoyed about the team’s performance  but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, eh?  Sometimes you just get unlucky with the questions.

I skipped my gym walk again this morning.  I thought about getting up but then decided against it and curled over onto Helios’ side of the bed and drifted off again.  After all that vacuuming last night, I’ve got a bit of a backache today.  Oh sure, I’ve taken some paracetamol for it but that’s not stopping the odd pain when I move too quickly or in the wrong direction.  Luckily my job does not require me to do regular heavy lifting!

I had a look at the estate agents website again to see if Ramman’s house has been sold.  It’s not.  Instead I noticed the price has dropped.  I couldn’t help but chuckle.  I know it’s a bad thing for me to chuckle at someone else’s misfortune and I’m sure I’ll get a kick from Karma for it, but I just couldn’t resist!