Almost Easter

One of the many good things about living in the UK is the amount of “Bank Holidays” we get.  These are public holidays that are given as free and don’t effect your holiday entitlement.  For Easter Weekend, we get two – Good Friday and Easter Monday.  It’s nice to look forward to a couple of short weeks.  The weather here is meant to be howling wet and cold but when the sun is shining it’s difficult to believe that the weather is going to be wretched.  Having said that, it has been snowing in Scotland and Ireland which is quite a surprise considering the time of year!

Normally Easter celebrations in this country consists of a large meal with family and exchanging chocolates.  However, I did see an advertisement on the TV yesterday saying how it would be a good idea to give gifts as well.  (!)  Honestly, can’t the toy companies do something to curb their greed?  When I was little Mom hid sweets around the house for me to find.  It was a treasure hunt and I loved it.

Easter for me this year and considering my previous long weekend, will consist of spring cleaning.  Well, first I have to get over this streaming cold that Helios kindly shared with me.  (!)  As always, Helios is looking after me.  We now have plenty of menthol-everything in the flat and lots of day/night time cold/flu medications.  Last night I got home and there was chicken soup with bacon, leeks and garlic waiting for me.  We’re due to have leftovers tonight.   I’m also looking forward to seeing how he’s got on with the bit of DIY I asked him to tackle…  More on that later.

Helios and I had another long chat with Apollo last night.  I asked him when he was finishing his catering course and he said “soon” so I mentioned that it would be nice to see him again before he ran off and joined the Army.  I told him to get some dates for when he’s planning on applying, etc.  I mentioned that there isn’t much point in us planning on coming down specifically to see him for his birthday (or just after) if he’s going to be somewhere else by then.  He didn’t say much after that but I’m hoping he’ll take it that we’re keen to see him again and don’t want to miss him for no good reason.

I’m hoping to chat to Maia this weekend and find out how her work-placement is progressing.  She’s doing volunteer work as part of the requirements for her school.

Work is as busy as ever.  With year end and month end all coinciding at the same time, I’m doing bills until my fingers fall off.  Having said that, I’m still enjoying it: the atmosphere is so much more positive than anywhere else I’ve worked.  I am given just enough to do and have plenty of time to make sure that it’s done properly – which also gives me a confidence I’ve not felt in years.

I’m also keen to see my old friends again this weekend.  I wasn’t so keen to see them regularly when my ex was likely to be around there from time to time but now that I know he’s moving I feel more comfortable about seeing them.  I’ve known them for years and years – even my mom and sister met them during their last visit!  Helios doesn’t go around as often as I do but perhaps he’ll feel more comfortable too if we are assured that Ramman is unlikely to be there.  The best thing about this couple is that they both have children from previous marriages so I’m hoping to get any good advice they’re willing to give me about step-children.



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