Good news!

We caught up with Apollo last night so now we’ve organised meeting up for coffee on Sunday and we’ve exchanged mobile phone numbers, in case we’re running a bit late or whatever.   I’m relieved that he still seems keen.

We’ve not heard from Maia but, as it’s her birthday weekend, she might not want to spend it with “the olds”.  I’m temped to send her a carefully worded email, just to let her know that we’re thinking of her and that we’re meeting Apollo – if she’d like to come along.  If not, Apollo has our contact details and she can always text us that weekend, if she’d like to see us and if she’s not too busy with friends.

I’ve found that I’m not sleeping well at the minute – I suspect it’s because I lay in bed awake at night thinking about possible conversations with Apollo and Maia.  Helios hasn’t been sleeping well recently either.  He’s also remembering his dreams – one was that Maia and I were trapped in a house that was being broken into.  Another was where he was in our bed but unable to move.  This, to my untrained mind, indicates stress – which is perfectly natural since he’s going to be seeing his kids for the first time in a very long while.  I expect he’ll go back to sleeping like a log after this weekend but will be keeping an eye on him to be sure.  It could also be due to his sinuses – he wasn’t exactly quiet last night while I was wide awake and pondering what to say when…

In the meantime, my washer/dryer will be seen by the menders on Tuesday next week.  They could do it sooner but I’m not working Monday or Tuesday next week anyway.  I didn’t want to take extra holiday just to meet some idiot who will only look at the thing and rub his chin and say “We’ll have to order the parts for that – shouldn’t be more than 4 weeks!”  I keep preparing myself for the worst so that I’ll be happy when it’s a minor fault and won’t take any time at all.



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