An eventful weekend

I’m absolutely delighted with the results of the recent vote.  You know the one I mean.  I expect most of the Republicans out there are being harbingers of doom, saying that the whole healthcare system will fall apart, but why should anyone be exempt from healthcare because they have an existing condition?  To my mind, logic dictates that you pay (either by way of taxes or by way of insurance) for health cover and then you get treatment when you need it.  Society must find a way to protect the weak while not overburdening the healthy and capable.  Obviously the current system is not effective.  I know far too many people who suffer chronic illnesses who have to discuss with their doctors which medications they can afford to take.  Can you imagine that?  Knowing there are medications out there but having to choose only a few – you have to choose the symptoms you would most like to treat but still suffer the rest.  I have that problem too but the cause is treatments for the chronic conditions I have tend to adversely affect my other chronic illness, not because I cannot afford treatment.

What happens if you cannot work because of your illness and you cannot afford the medications you require?  How long would it take for me to go bankrupt and lose my house and live in a cardboard box?  Would I be able to impose on family or friends instead of living in a cardboard box?  How will I ever find work if I live in a cardboard box?  Why should I have to pray that I don’t get a long drawn-out illness simply because I don’t want to be a burden on my family?  How can society tolerate such treatment of the weak?  These questions never cross my mind in England.  Oh sure, there are issues with new or experimental and expensive drugs, etc.  however, by and large everyone is covered and I get treatment when I need it without stopping at the receptionist afterwards to pay a bill.

On this side of the Atlantic…

The church yard’s crocuses have given up and are wilting back into the soil, and so it goes.  But, as is the natural progression of things, the daffodils are in bloom.  Funny how I didn’t even notice them last week, but they’re here now and seemed to smile at me as I passed.  Or maybe that’s just my imagination again?

Helios coloured my hair again and I’m really pleased with the results.  Normally he just squirts it on and gives me a little massage but this time I got a brush to help things along and my sides look brilliant.  I love the colour because it’s close to my natural colour – a reddish brown.  I’ve gone with this colour so many times before that no one seems to notice (except for me) when I’ve had it done.  In short, I’ve got a bit more confidence, which was the whole point of the exercise just before I meet Helios’ kids.

I also saw briefly some old friends this weekend.  As well as discussing Ramman’s plans for his house-sale and where he’s moving to, I told them that I have step kids and that I’m finally going down South with the intention of meeting them.  I will see them again over the Easter break and will let them know how I got on.

In the meantime, contact with the kids has dropped off dramatically and I am now starting to wonder if meeting them will go ahead at all.  Normally we hear from Apollo on a Friday or Saturday night but we haven’t heard from him in a little while now so I’m hoping that he’s just focusing on his coursework rather than avoiding us.  We’ve tried to message Maia but she just comes back with “busy with coursework at the moment” and so we’ve been giving her some space too.  I wish we could tell them that we don’t have to meet if it’s going to make their lives awkward.  I would tell them that we can wait for face-to-face contact when they’re happier about the idea.

I can’t help but suspect that their mother may be the cause of this silence, but am not able to ask them if their mother knows that they’ve contacted me and Helios.  If they haven’t told their mother all about us, I’d be in the position of having to tell them that they really ought to tell her.  It’s not right to tell them that it’s OK to lie.  No matter what happens, I can’t say that she’s been a bad parent – they both seem like such good kids.  Therefore, I would have to say that they ought to respect her wishes – at least while they live at home with her.  Perhaps when they get a little older and are still curious then we can get together and (hopefully) they won’t feel guilty about any possible disloyalty to their mother.  That’s the trouble with being a kid in a single-parent home: no matter what is happening around you, you wind up feeling slightly guilty about being disloyal.  I suppose, no matter how you handle any given situation, you’re bound to disappoint one of your parents.  I really don’t want to put that kind of pressure on them.

Of course, it could just be that all the chatting to us has left them a little behind in their coursework and they’re also probably busy planning things for Maia’s birthday (25th March).  Perhaps I’m fretting again over nothing – and I’m sure Helios would agree with me that it wouldn’t be the first time.  (!)

In other news, my washer/dryer has broken down.  The good news is that I have an extended warranty on the appliance so it shouldn’t cost a lot – if anything at all.  The bad news is that I may want to go to the laundrette before the weekend.  Helios has cheekily suggested we bring our washing with us and impose on his mother but I wouldn’t feel right doing that.  I’m sure she would say it’s not a problem but there is something to be said for taking the things to the laundrette and have it all going all at once and then having it all done all at once.  There’s a laundrette down the road from my office so I can bring in a load or two and take it home if I drive to work.  Bearing in mind that my train ticket runs out on Thursday this week, I’ve asked for a parking space on Friday which should, with any luck, mean that I can do a little laundry during the day Friday if necessary.  So even though the situation is covered, I am just a little stressed about it.

Finally, I had another strange dream last night.  I was in the bath as naked as a naked person could be.  As naked as I was, I wasn’t bothered or self-conscious.  I had an audience (at least two people but I don’t know who they were) and I was playing my brown towel like it was a harp and it was making a nice sound like a harp.  Since I always like to try and work out the psychology (if any) behind my dreams, I’ll give this one a go: I’m feeling confident – even with no clothes on.

Stay healthy


2 thoughts on “An eventful weekend

  1. Now all we have to worry about is whether, when the GOP gets back in in January (after the November elections) that they will repeal it, as they’ve said. So long as they have health care, they don’t care about us. It’s sad that in a society so many are only out for themselves and so the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Whatabitch!!

    Don’t worry about the kids. Even if they’ve been advised not to meet this time, they are growing up and will make their own decisions soon. Also, even if you don’t hear from them, they might contact their dad and you once you get there. I’m sure they are as self-conscious as you are about meeting. It’s a huge step for them.

    Yes, doing your laundry beforehand will make your visit ever so much more pleasant. Good luck with the repairs.

  2. Linda,
    Thanks for your comments. I hate societies based on greed. I suppose I’m an idealist, but then I think you worked that out!

    I’m really looking forward to meeting the kids. I’m sure we’ll get on fine. I’ll be letting everyone know how we get on in due course.


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