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I spoke with Ramman last night.  He’d left a message to say that he’s put his big house on the market and wanted to tell me himself.  He’s planning on moving closer to London now that he works mainly in The City  – he said that the commute has been  terrible.  I figure if he has the money, go for it.  For me, this means that I probably won’t see him again unless he and I organise a coffee-date.  Of course, he didn’t tell me who the estate agents are, but I know him well enough to have found the house on the website with no problems at all.  I was expecting him to be asking slightly more for it.  Considering the years of hard work, grief and the loss of a marriage, I still don’t think it was worth it.  I’m still delighted with my life with Helios. There’s nothing Ramman can do about it now.  He’s better off nearer London and closer to a decent social life where he can meet people, and possibly someone new.  I would say I wish him all the best but really I wish he could find a woman who is as mercenary as he is.  I know that sounds catty but I expect he’d be happy with that.

In other news, I’m counting down the days until I get to meet my step-kids.  I’ve got some hair dye and Helios has agreed to colour my hair this weekend, and I am desperately hoping that my hair-dresser  friend will be free to do cut my hair next week.  Fingers crossed!  Then I think I’ll finally be ready.  It’s been a fretting a few months and I expect I’ll need oxygen on the day but I’m excited now.  I’m a little surprised I’m not more worried, but we all seem to get on so well while we’re MSN chatting that I’m sure things will be awkward but good.

One of the gals in my office became a Grandmother this week.  She’s been told that being a Grandmother is better than being a mummy but, if you think about it, I’ve got the perfect Mummy situation: no sleepless nights (which isn’t entirely true because I have sat up nights wondering what I should say  to them about when I do meet them), no worry about schools, no running around trying to find them clothes that fit, no wondering if they’re turning into bottomless pits when they eat, no trips to the hospital when they fall out of trees, no slamming doors when they don’t have the right pencil for school and no discussing the birds and bees.  I’ve just got the plusses: I’ve kept my figure (a BIG plus), I’m still young enough to be considered trendy (I hope!), and I’m trustworthy enough to be considered a friend (eventually).  Sadly, I didn’t have the honour of seeing them grow up, but at least I know them a little bit now.

Helios’ mum is getting out some photographs for us to look through and take back home with us.  We’ve both asked for some of the kids as well – it would be nice to have their photos around the place.  Which reminds me, I need to warn Maia and Apollo that I might be armed with a camera when we see them.  No point in going all that way and not getting some photos!  Now I know how my mom feels – the way she chases after me with a camera when I’m home again!  Mom, I’m so sorry I ever complained.  You forgive me, don’t you?


3 thoughts on “More Updates

  1. Dear Darling Daughter,

    I’m happy that this small thing has come back to bite you so you can actually understand why I want to see your faces looking back at more around my house, since I can’t see you in person. If you can send me so newer ones electronically or via Facebook, I’d love to be able to have them printed and put them up that look like you now. You are one of the lucky ones who don’t change, always lovely and striking, but hairstyles do so I often wonder about that. Miss you!!!!

  2. Mom,

    Thanks for not saying “I told you so”. I am planning on taking a number of photos this weekend. It looks like I won’t have a new haircut before going South but at least my colour is updated… I’m sure you will still recognise me.

    Lots of love,

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