Busy busy busy

Work has been incredibly busy these past couple of weeks but life is generally moving forward.  I’ve been fretting about my outgoings this month: my plumbing work has been done; I had corroded pipes and water tank – and this has been replaced with very little disturbance to the loft hatch.  I’m very happy with the work that’s been done.  The price was expensive but I was expecting it to be worse.  So, I’m actually happy with the result.   I’ve also had my car serviced and got the MOT done for this year.  I still need to buy car tax for the next 12 months before the end of March.  It sounds very expensive but is a good thing.  I’m currently trying to work out if driving or catching the train is more financially efficient for me.  My current train ticket runs out on 25th – and just before I’m off to see Helios’ family – so I’ll try driving for a month or so and see how it affects my bank balance.  At the moment I pay just over £3.00 per day on the train and the park and ride is £6.00 a week.  (!)  It should be an easy choice but then there’s petrol and wear and tear to consider…

I’m also hoping to get a haircut and colour before we go down to see Helios’ kids.  I’m not sure that Maia will meet us but I’m fairly certain that Apollo will.  Maia hasn’t been on line as much as Apollo and it’s a little harder to tell what someone is thinking if they’re not communicating.  But she’s not been on line as much because she’s focusing on her school work (a very good reason) and still might make time for us?  However, I think Apollo sounds keen enough to meet me and I’m looking forward to buying him a coffee.  As nervous as I am, I’m counting the days.  I think I’ve made it obvious that I’m wanting to make a good impression (thus the haircut and colour, among other reasons) and I think he is as well.  He’s on line to us a few times a week now and regularly tells us what he’s up to – what he’s cooking in class and that he goes to parties at the weekend.  He sounds like a genuinely nice kid – although I am at pains not to call him “boy” or “kid” too often.  You don’t appreciate being called “boy” or “kid” when you’re 18 and think of yourself as an adult already!

Apollo has also told us that he’s planning on joining the Army after his catering classes.  As terrified as I am about any family member in the forces, I know it will be good for him and I’m hoping he doesn’t get into too much mischief if he’s catering in the kitchens.  Funny thing is, he sounded a little uncertain that they would take him when he told me about it.  I expect he’ll gain in confidence once he is taken on and is put through his paces.

The weather has taken a decidedly spring-like turn and I felt so happy this morning that I put a dress on!  (Mother, please try not to faint!)  I presume you know the feeling when you wake up and the sun is shining, the birds are singing.  All is right with the world.  I’m not even worried about money just at the minute, even though I’ve used all my savings to pay for the plumber and towards the car.  I expect I’ll be able to save enough as and when I can for the next crisis.  Of course my finances would get a lot easier if I won the lottery, but that’s not likely to happen so I’ll just have to be happy with what I’ve got.  Speaking of what I’ve got – I finally got around to selling my wedding band from my previous marriage.  It wasn’t worth much and it was just taking up room.  I got £20 – which, considering it was only 9 karats, I think was pretty good.  I was thinking of putting the money towards a take-away but, considering the last haircut I got was probably in June of 2009, and I’m keen to make a good impression; I’m getting a bit desperate for a haircut so I’ll do that instead.

I had my period again last week.  I’ve had worse.  Considering I do all this walking (to and from the train stations) I think I coped with it very well.  I managed to cope with the pain by taking  paracetamol and ibuprofen.  I was a bit woolly-headed again by the end of the week and I was grouchy this weekend (Sorry Helios!) thanks to the painful knots in my back and right shoulder.  Luckily Helios has extra-strength painkillers that I sometimes take when I feel fraught from pain.  I had more than one this weekend but am starting to feel better now.

Work is still going well.  My probation period ends on 4th April officially but I already feel like part of the furniture.  Also, it’s nice to be in a job where I can talk about all the funny things Apollo says to us of an evening.  I’ve made the situation out to be one of “I see them regularly.”  So, it’s not such a shock when I wind up talking about them from time to time.  Of course, I’ve not mentioned that I’m just about to meet them for the first time.  I just don’t fancy the questions that would ensue from that statement…