Stranger and stranger

I’m hoping that the utter weirdness of my dreams is currently due to my monthly visitation – because if not, it might be a sign that I’m going completely mad.

For instance, Monday night I dreamt that I was at work and all of us girlies burst into song.   Tuesday night I was searching several floors of a large building to find a toilet.  This morning I woke up before the alarm and didn’t really remember anything but then fell back asleep for the 20 minutes or so that Helios has for his daily “Zen breakfast”.  Well, in that time I dreamt an entire episode of Dr Who.  All the usual suspects where there – the Doctor, Rose Tyler (yes, I know she left a few seasons ago) and a time travelling adventure that left me feeling slightly sad.  There was even a song I woke up trying to remember – something about Romeo and Juliette.  As always the dream was painfully detailed and vivid.  Today I’m drifting through the hours wondering occasionally if this is the dream and the rest of me is in some alternate reality watching Dr Who and trying to find a place to pee.  (!)

These past few days (during the day I mean) the weather has been amazingly sunny and breezy.  The sunshine is of a light that I am reminded of being young and chasing cloud shadows across the fields behind my old primary school.  I practically skip down the roads in town – and I’m sure, if the locals had a mind to notice me, they’d say “there goes that mad American again!”  While the breeze is quite cutting, I don’t mind at all for the sun is shining, the birds are singing and, in my mind at least, summer is just around the corner.

I’ve not talked to my step-kids for a couple of days now but I’m not chasing them.  I’m still hoping that they’ll be available (and brave enough) to meet us in March when we go down South.  Fingers crossed!