More Dreams…

Once again, I’ve had unexplainable dreams.  Last night’s episodes  include a sofa that I was trying to re-upholster with blue, yellow and red sheets of A4-sized plastic which wasn’t an easy or logical task!

I also had a bike ride to a shelter where an ex-boyfriend (let’s call him Chicago) kissed me.  Kissing someone else in a dream was odd because there was no emotion attached to the action.  None whatsoever.  I didn’t like it.  I didn’t dislike it.  It was just there.  I will say that afterwards I felt guilty and wondered what I would tell Helios but I got back on my bike and rode off past many more bikers waiting to go off the off-ramp on the motorway /highway/ place where you’re not supposed to ride your 10 speed!  I think I must have realised that it was a dream and that kissing someone else doesn’t count if you don’t really enjoy it in a dream.  Or does it?  Helios, can I get a ruling here?

In another part of my dream I was riding in a horse-drawn carriage – and although it sounds romantic, I was looking at a horse’s butt.  I don’t know how I got from the bike to the horse but the view was better on the bike.

Also, I kept hearing Alanis Morrisette but it wasn’t a specific song of hers – it was more her voice signing four words over and over again.  Of course I’ve forgotten what the words are now.  I expect they must not have been that important.   It does mean that I’ve got “Head over Feet” on my mind today, which is enough to keep a smile on my face all day.



3 thoughts on “More Dreams…

  1. I’d forgotten how energizing having a wonderful song I can’t get out of my head used to be. No songs now. When I hear a song I used to love now, I nearly get teary from the memories, but I can’t remember what it was once it’s over.

    I guess I can see the A4 size as something your brain thinks is impossible, and the horse’s butt seems self-explanatory!

  2. Foxy the ruleing is I am not jealous of any of your ex’s that I can beat in a fist fight ( only joking) Foxy’s mom, stop reading

    I know I am the best shag you ever had and your not daft enough to bugger that up.

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