Fun Friday

I finally have my pay packet from my new employer.  As always these things never go smoothly – I’ve been paid a tax rebate when I’m not sure I’m entitled to one.  Of course I’ve gone back to my accounts department.  It will be sorted but, consequently, I won’t be entirely sure of what my “normal” paycheque will look like until I’ve been here a bit longer…  A couple of months maybe?  I’m not that worried about it in the meantime, at least I’ve got a job and I’ve managed (still don’t know how) to remain in the black through January.  This means I probably have just enough to sort out my car before my car tax is due in March.  There’s always something, isn’t there?

In the meantime it’s Friday again and I’m looking forward to another quiet weekend of laundry, cleaning and cooking.  The excitement never ends in my house, eh?  But then I’m not one for lots of excitement. I like what I like and don’t apologise for it.  I’m not terribly ambitious, which means that I get to spend weekends doing what I want instead of driving myself to find new ways of making money – either by investing or doing up houses or buying antiques or art that I really don’t like in the first place.  No.  It’s nice enough for me to be able to sit on the couch and see something I want to on the TV.  I like cooking and having someone appreciate the effort.  I am content.  There’s nothing wrong in that.

Well, when I say content that doesn’t entirely include my health.  My sleeping patterns are still a bit of a mess from earlier this week when I saw the comedian.  I woke up this morning at 4:00 and only dozed after that.  I find I’m physically hot a lot so I regularly come to bed snuggling in the covers and kick it all off by the time I wake up.  And then there are the dreams.  Last night I was working in a garden when a polar bear cub ran past me and into the house.  Whoever was with me was frightened but I just laughed and said “Oh he’s nearly tame!”  Normally I don’t have much of a problem trying to work out what my dreams mean but this time I’m stumped.  I do know that when I remember dreams, it means that I’m not sleeping deeply enough – and that this is a sign of my ongoing PCOS symptoms.  It’s little wonder I regularly have a nap on one of the days of the weekend!

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!