I’ve noticed over the past week or so that the walk into work has been getting brighter and brighter.  Winter never seems to last long in this country – even though we have snow in the forecast on Friday.  It started with dawn happening while I was at the train station and I didn’t have time to admire the view.  Today, (and leaving at roughly the same time every week day) I was treated to a beautiful sunrise just as I turned left out of my road and towards the long walk down hill.  Mom, when  you  read  this, today’s sunrise reminded me of that Emily Dickinson poem you memorized and recited to me when I was little “I’ll tell you how the sun rose, a ribbon at a time…”  It was like that today.

Helios and I went to see a comedian last night.  We’ve seen him a number of times before.  He’s the one who, during a performance, asked if anyone in the crowd had any unusual sexual fantasies.  I had the nerve to shout out.  I answered “A Viking Helmet!”  Now, before you think I’m completely insane, I will say that the fantasy didn’t originate from me.  No honestly it really didn’t!  Centuries ago I was chatting to a friend of mine when I mentioned that Helios would be wearing a kilt to the wedding.  She gasped and confessed that she always had a fantasy for a man wearing a kilt and a Viking helmet. Well, I nearly fell off my chair laughing so hard, but then I thought: “I know exactly what she’s after there!”  The really funny bit about all this is that the comedian was filming his show when I shouted out “A Viking Helmet!” so Helios and I are there, captured for all time – shouting out the strangest thing I could think of.  It’s very me, I suppose: life is too short to be taken seriously!

Work is finally picking up.  Well, when I say picking up, I mean I’m a bit better at keeping busy now.  They appear to have far too many files in the office that are in desperate need for sending to our off-site storage facility.  I managed to process five boxes today and I have more to sort out tomorrow.  I’m just about as shattered as a person can be!  AND I still need to find the energy to walk to the station, take the train home, and walk that long, hard walk up the hill.  Mom, are you feeling sympathetic yet?

Tomorrow is Friday and I’m really looking forward to the weekend.



2 thoughts on “Springtime?

  1. How beautiful. We have sun today for a change too. I love the sun and that poem. I’m happy you are seeing more sunshine and light there. I actually got a little teary!

    I’ll tell you how the Sun rose by Emily Dickinson

    I’ll tell you how the Sun rose —
    A Ribbon at a time —
    The Steeples swam in Amethyst —
    The news, like Squirrels, ran —
    The Hills untied their Bonnets —
    The Bobolinks — begun —
    Then I said softly to myself —
    “That must have been the Sun”!
    But how he set — I know not —
    There seemed a purple stile
    That little Yellow boys and girls
    Were climbing all the while —
    Till when they reached the other side,
    A Dominie in Gray —
    Put gently up the evening Bars —
    And led the flock away —

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