Even more snow moans

I’m about to complain about the weather like a good English girl.  If you’re tired of me venting about snow already, I do apologise for the following:

I’m hoping that the snow is finally over for the year.  We’ve had more than enough, even though it’s miles less than most in the wintertime.  In some respects, it’s difficult to complain: it’s true that the only time I’ve ever had to shovel snow in my life was when I was in the US.  BUT the conditions here (particularly for walking) are terrible.  The pavements are covered in snow and thick ice.  IF I still lived in the US and the sidewalks were covered in thick ice, I’d just walk on the grass.  Trouble is, there really aren’t yards here.  We have gardens with walls and large hedges so that people cannot see into our properties.  The point I’m trying to make is that we don’t have an alternative to walking on the pavement – except the road.  Now, do I choose to inch along the pavement and pray that I don’t fall over and break a leg, or do I choose to walk in the road and pray that I don’t get hit by a car?  Needless to say I’m not the only one suffering and there appears to be a national scandal brewing on the matter due to the extra strain on the National Health Service (more people falling over) and the fact that the local councils cannot be bothered (oh sure they say they’ve run out of road treatments) to salt the roads and, at the same time, cannot be bothered to come to collect the garbage.  My garbage has been sitting by the side of my property since just before Christmas!!  Why do I bother paying my taxes??  Why is it that I bust a gut to ensure I get into the office everyday when those layabouts cannot be bothered to come into work?  Why is it that they cannot work for the council when it’s the council’s fault that they cannot work in the first place.  Put some grit down!!

After that rant I think you can understand why I’m fed up with winter.

Generally speaking, winter as I used to know it, never lasts long here.  So far we’ve had about two weeks of bad weather but now it’s raining instead of snowing and the temperatures are already well above freezing.  Where the George the Magpie was hopping across the rooftops yesterday, leaving a trail of footprints, there is only the rooftop.  The main roads are almost entirely clear of snow and ice and even the secondary roads are thawing in places.  Of course the pavements are just lethal, but hopefully that won’t last long either.

Even though winter never seems to last that long here, Helios always puts food out for the birds.  I’m sure they eat more in this weather.  AND we wind up feeding an extremely acrobatic squirrel we’ve named Indiana Jones at the bird feeder.  He bravely jumps from the trees to the bird feeder where he dangles from his hind legs and eats furiously before one of the birds flaps up and frightens him off.

Friday we received “snow” cakes from the management – as a thank you to everyone who made the effort to come into the office during the difficulties of travelling through the snow.  It’s a lovely gesture that I just managed to resist!

The only other comment to make about the new job is the time it’s taking to get everything in place.  My printer doesn’t work very well (my printing starts with a page that only says “dLight” in the top left hand corner), I need a security pass and I still don’t seem to have enough to do; however, the people are nice and I’m assured things will pick up soon.  I should be grateful really.  With things a little quiet, I’m able to pick things up at my own pace and remain calm at work.  As you know, I’m still trying to avoid stress for a number of reasons, one of the main ones is that I feel I perform better when I have the time to think things through before I do them.  I find it relaxing when I have the time to double-check everything.