Even more waiting…

I have my doctor’s appointment on Monday.  I’ll admit to being a little nervous.  I keep thinking about what I need to do to get there.  I have to drive to the park-and-ride and make sure I get to work at a reasonable hour, then at lunchtime I need to get back to the car, drive to the hospital, and then get back to the village in time for my contact lense appointment.

Last week I managed to have two interviews for a job.  It’s an accountancy firm.  I was delighted that they wanted to see me again.  It was a bit of a trick though – they needed to see me in their HQ in London.  I hate to go to London on a deadline.  Even if the deadline is 3 hours away, I hate the thought that I might get lost and be late.  So I left for London at 10:30 and got to Waterloo far too early.  I found the place within 5 minutes and spent the rest of my 3 hours wait at a coffee shop nursing a Large Decaff Americano.

I won’t hear about that until Tuesday, so I’m trying not to get excited.  As much as I’d like to stay with Liz at the Court Service, I really ought not to because 1) it really doesn’t pay enough and 2) if I did get a permanent job, it would require more responsibility for not much money.

So the job I’m looking at sounds very straightforward: typing, filing and other administration.  The people sound nice and it’s not too far from the train station.  I’ll still have to catch the early train but the benefits are going to be better than the Courts Service (sorry Liz!)

Of course this weekend hasn’t been just about waiting.  We’ve seen a couple of films and listened to the football.  All in all, not a bad weekend, even if it did seem far too short!