Another weekend here and nearly gone

I’m not disappointed.  OK that’s not entirely true.  I am disappointed but I didn’t think it would happen for a number of years yet, so I’m not surprised.  I hadn’t mentioned it before.  Maia dropped off a note at her grandmother’s house saying “This is my mobile number, get Dad to call me.”  Grandmother was annoyed because Maia didn’t say “Hello” or “Thanks” to her in her note – just “do this”.  Helios rang the number but it went to voice mail after ringing a few times.  The first time he said that he’d try her again at a specific time on Saturday.  So when he tried her again on Saturday, the phone rang a few times and went to voice mail.  He left another message.

I can understand her perhaps missing the first call on accident; however if I were her and really wanted to speak to Helios, I would have made sure that I was in a position to receive the call on Saturday.  I spoke to him afterwards and Helios said that he would try her again but didn’t hold out much hope of actually speaking to her.  If she doesn’t answer the phone, I’ll try not to get my hopes up too much soon.   I hope that eventually, when she has the courage and the curiosity to get in touch again, it actually takes place.  As I say, I expect it to happen in a few years…  Perhaps she’s just not ready yet?

The rest of the weekend has been spent, as always, getting ready for next week and relaxing.  We’ve seen a couple of DVDs; we walked down to the Village and fed the ducks along the river before walking back home.  It’s nice that the weather was cooperative today because yesterday it rained cats and dogs.  When Helios and I were in the Village we stopped in the new candy shop.  He’s got a thing for sour sweets and I picked up some sour lemons and sour apple sweets that nearly turned his face inside out.  It made me laugh when his face turned bright red and he started hopping around in agony.  I knew from his stream of obscenities that I didn’t want to try it.

In other news, I had my usual cervical smear test a few weeks ago.  I’m being referred up to a gynaecologist for another test.  I will say that I’m a little nervous at what might be found.  Years ago I had the same problem but nothing was found.  The doctors couldn’t seem to find enough cervical cells.  I told them that I moved my Cervix to just under my left arm.  They didn’t believe me! That was years ago.  Now you know what this means?  I’ll have even more doctors inside me than I’ve had boyfriends/husbands!

I’m still experiencing PCOS symptoms.  I have amazingly vivid dreams.  The other night I was dreaming of just spending time with Helios and I was rubbing his back and talking to some friends from the office.  I say it’s vivid because I was rubbing moisturiser on his dragon tattoo and admiring all the many bright colours.  Generally speaking, I find myself yawning throughout the day and never quite sleeping deeply enough at night.  The trouble with running pill packs together is that I have several weeks of PMT – which is OK if/when I remember to take my Milk Thistle.  When I forget I wind up biting my husband’s head off when he’s drying the dishes.  Poor Helios.

My right ovary is burning.  It should ease after my period but it’s not been right since that idiot doctor drilled into it during my second operation.  After my third laparoscopy, my surgeon showed me a large and painful endometrium on my right ovary.  I expect it’s hardly a surprise that I still get pain there…

I should start to feel better once my period starts.  It’s a week of “no-touch knickers” for Helios, but I should imagine he’s been looking forward to it.