British Summertime

British summertime ended last weekend.  This means that I’m walking to work in what feels like summertime weather, but by 5:30 the sky is dark and I’m carrying my torch to help everyone see me on the path.


The nice thing about the walk home on Monday was the smell.  I could smell rotting leaves, hay rack rides, wood burning stoves and spooky wanderings.  I would have enjoyed it more but I was coughing and coughing up the hill.


So I’m back at work.  I told my friends there that Helios wanted a meerkat or otter or ferret or a mongoose.  I was shocked and horrified to discover that they think I’m a kill-joy!  They even suggested that if he got an otter, that he could walk it downhill and let it swim in the river everyday.  I still don’t think it’s a good idea (and secretly I think he’s trying to soften me up so that I’ll finally say yes to a playstation or xbox).  Unfortunately the flat is far too small for such nonsense.  I get a bit funny when the recycling mounts up or when the place is untidy, and it doesn’t take long for it to seem very untidy indeed.


I’m still having extremely vivid dreams.  I woke up with a start on Monday and can still remember the dream.  My baby sister (in the dream) was pregnant and was taking me around all sorts of shops.  The shop that I remember vividly was a quilt shop with so many beautiful colours and patterns…  Of course, I’ve checked with her and she’s not pregnant (yet?)!  Normally I like to know what my dreams mean.  For instance, I think that dreams are another way of expressing an overriding emotion; however, that one has completely baffled me!


The only other news is that I’m following Manchester United and enjoying a new (proper!) football season.  I know you ding-dongs on the other side of the Atlantic call some strange ground-acquisition game “Football” but, since you don’t really use your feet to play it, I call what you call “soccer”, football.  I’ve always been told that converts are more zealous and I still consider myself an English Convert.  The gang at work think I’m more British than a lot of them; I think they’re not wrong.  I’ll have to elaborate later though…





One thought on “British Summertime

  1. We turn the clocks back this weekend in the States. I’m dreading it being dark after work, but it will be much easier to get up in the daylight.

    Have you checked that you don’t have bronchitis? Or some other “itis”? Coughing wears me out so I’m sure you are weary from it. Get well.

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