I had a doctor’s appointment first thing this morning and I was glad to get it out of the way.  While I already collected a couple of routine prescriptions, I also got to hop on the table and let another doctor look inside.  I usually make jokes just before and during the procedure “I’m sorry to do this to you first thing in the morning…” but this time it was harder to make jokes because it wasn’t just uncomfortable – it hurt.  Nevertheless, I made sure he got in there and got the samples – it’s easier than sitting around, suffering symptoms in silence. 


The strange thing about having an internal exam in Britain took quite a lot of getting used to.  In the US, your feet are planted in the stirrups with your bottom right at the end of the table with the doctor looking straight up the trumpet.  However in Britain I lay in the middle of the table with my legs bent, one flat on the table with the other bent leg against the wall.  After all these years, I still have no idea why doctors do it this way in this country.  I seem to remember the whole experience being much less uncomfortable over there.  I figure if a doctor has to bend over to see what’s going on in there, then the speculum moves too much or can twist inside which inevitably leads to OUCH! 


Well, for Mom’s sake, I was prescribed some antibiotics and I’m already feeling much better.


The rest of this week I’m planning to rest and not do too much at once.  So far, I’ve done just a little light housework and I’m expecting to sort out the mortgage product this week.  I’m enjoying having some time without the need to get up early every morning.  It’s nice to have some time to relax and recover (I have a nasty cold as well as this other – internal – issue.)  Helios has been looking after me throughout everything, as always.  Last week he made a gourmet chicken soup for us complete with plenty of garlic!  It’s good for you! 




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  1. I hope you feel better soon. What a downer for your staycation!

    It’s nice to have you back online blogging.

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