Starting a new job

I am now working for the Ministry of Justice.  I type and file and type and file some more.  So far I’ve not been asked to answer phones to the public – but I have done this a couple of times when absolutely everyone else was on the phone.  It’s an incredibly busy office with many many changes happening all around them.  Since I started they’ve put lots of new rules and obligations into place to help the place run more smoothly.  I can’t help but be impressed with the efforts being made.  Unfortunately, all that effort means that several staff have confided to me that they’re looking for another job.  Now, part of me is delighted (because I expect it means that they’ll have a space for me) but it seems that everyone that I really like is looking for work elsewhere.  Why would I want to ultimately stay somewhere that makes people I like hate the place?  Hmmmmmmmm.  I think it has to do with dealing with the public.


The strange thing about my office is that it’s full of people I seem to get on with.  While we all work hard, we also sometimes sing catchy tunes in the office – The Monkeys, The Beatles and Frank Sanatra as well as some other more recent tunes that I don’t know the words of but sing along to just the same.


To get to work I travel by train.  In the mornings, it’s a lovely walk.  I trot down the hill, past the shrubbery with the 20 or 30 Shouting Tits, and appreciate the late dawn light through the brightly coloured leaves.  Of course, the evenings are slightly different.  I stomp up the hill and notice how my heart is beating and my breathing is faster than Paula Radcliffe’s.  Needless to say, I’m hoping that all this walking will keep me in shape!


Something funny happened to me.  Helios walks to work and we normally meet at the train station so that he and I can walk up the hill together.  When his second office (the one next door to the train station) closed down he decided that he wanted to race me up the hill home.  So, instead, I got off the train at the stop before my town’s stop and ran up the hill to beat him.  And I won!  Well, I was giggling about getting home before him and he was just in the front door astounded and sweating demanding to know how I’d managed it!  I did say “I cheated” when he was in the other room.  When I say I said it, I mean I whispered it.  (hee hee!)


This went on for a few days.  The longer it went on, the more sure he was that I’d been cheating.  He didn’t get to the point of accusing me of taking a taxi from the station, but he was sure that I had found a short-cut of some description.  Finally, I told him and the look on his face was a real picture!  He was astounded.  He said he’d get me back for that.  I’m still waiting for it…