Sorry for the delay…

I’ve had a number of setbacks but am back online, thanks mainly to an extremely talented (and humble) Helios who has rebuilt my laptop more than once!


I now have a full time fixed term contract role which will come to an end in January.  It’s just great to know there’s money coming in and knowing that I’ll have work through the Christmas period.  It’s not a job that pays fantastically well but it’s giving me a bit of confidence and the people are just lovely! 


Physically I’ve been coping with my endometriosis very well, thank you very much.  Unfortunately enough time has gone by that my PCOS symptoms are starting to be more pronounced again.  My dreams are vivid and hard to forget.  I suffer from fatigue.  My ovaries are frequently burning and I have had Thrush more than once in the past month. 


The only health concern I have at the moment is the fact that I’m bleeding despite the fact that I’m in the middle of my cycle and taking the birth control pill.  It’s not heavy bleeding but (as I’m sure you can imagine) you don’t expect spotting in the middle of your cycle when you’re on The Pill.  I’m not in any pain, which I think is a little odd.  Yes Mom, I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday to start to get this sorted…


All this aside, I am enjoying life.  I have an amazing husband, a great little flat, a job that I enjoy (and I’m hoping they’ll extend my contract in January!) so I can’t really complain.


Anyway, now that I appear to have a machine that works I’ll be updating you more often.




3 thoughts on “Sorry for the delay…

  1. Foxy,
    I’m so glad you are back!! I’ve been missing you and your humor and the fantastic job you do cheering me up and just… you!!!
    It never ceases to amaze me how much our lives are alike… obviously they are quite different in some ways… but there are some things that are way too similar… thankfully not all of them have to do with health…. The reason I bring this up… Helios fixing your laptop and the way E tirelessly works on our computers whenever they need any work done. He’s fantastic at it.
    I’m sorry to hear you are having problems with your PCOS again. 😦
    I’m glad to hear overall life is going well for you!
    Love you!

  2. BTW – you have become like a big sister or an aunt to me over the past year of talking back and forth (even with the break)… and you are an awesome friend. That would be the reason for the “love you!” … you are like a part of my family… plus I’ve been trying to make sure that those I care about know it. It has become increasingly important to me over the past year. 🙂

  3. Autoimmune, sorry to be incognito for so long. I’ve read some of your blog obviously but just didn’t have the heart to keep going on and on about bad news and/or insecurities… Silly, I know but I’m back and you’ll get me warts and all!

    Thanks for making me feel so welcome. AND thanks for your message about me being “like a big sister”. I think of us as sisters in suffering chronic conditions. We have to look after one another!

    You’re a real sweatheart and I’m so glad to know you.

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