Retail Therapy

I’ll tell you about the weekend last so that my mother doesn’t have to read my XXX portion of this blog entry! 

We have noticed a new bird in the garden over the past few weeks.  It’s a chaffinch and it sounds like this:  “ha ha ha ha ha ha TWEET!”  I told Helios that it sounded like we were squeezing the poor thing at the end of its call and now when we hear it we pretend like we’re giving it a little squeeze!

In other news, the good thing about my pills is that I’m finally sleeping well.  While I’m still dreaming like mad, I finally feel a bit more refreshed in the mornings.  My dreams still consist of images and feelings of not quite measuring up.  I don’t know where this comes from but I know it’s a difficulty that I’ve always had, as well as my mental hindrance to getting a job at the moment.  I’ve always felt like I wasn’t quite good enough…  As I say, I’m not sure where it stems from but I’m ready for it to end.  More on that in future blog entries…

I saw a couple of friends at the weekend.  We went down to Portsmouth to the outlet mall.  I meant to only window shop but I bought a cheap coin purse, some lotion and some fudge for my husband.  I managed to avoid buying a new pair of shoes (which is quite an achievement for me!) and I had a lovely day out. 

I was telling them about my recent job failures and how I’m still terribly disappointed about just missing out on the most recent job I interviewed for.  But I have to remain focused on the positive – I’m forward for a couple of jobs this week and will keep you posted as well.

As always, I like to keep my friends laughing.  Mom, I’m about to talk about my sex life so, for your sanity, please skip the rest of this blog entry…

Now, back to what I was discussing with my friends.  My 20th high school reunion is happening this summer.  Although I won’t make it, I have been getting in touch with some of the “old gang”.  What I was horrified to discover was that some of my old friends remembered me back when I was the little freak.  Mom was very good at reminding me that I used to be a horse freak – I used to run around on all fours through the house because I thought I sounded like a horse.  I neighed like a horse.  I even once told my mom that I wanted to marry a horse (I was too young to say “a man who’s hung like a horse”)!  

What I didn’t remember was that I neighed like a horse around everyone – not just my family.  Why oh why can’t I have just been strange around my family – they understood that I was odd.  Why couldn’t I have just stayed indoors??  When someone mentioned my horse imitation to Helios, he wanted to hear it.  These days I like to think I have some decorum.  So when Helios insisted, I still said no.  How embarrassing is that?  Honestly!  Neighing in front of Helios!

Of course, Helios threatened to withhold sex until he’d heard it.  Well, I can’t resist him so I neighed at him.  He wasn’t impressed at the neighing but we had sex anyway!  It’s always fantastic.