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I’ve had a number of interviews recently – even one second interview – but no success! 

 I really fancied the most recent one too.  It was for a shipping company in just the best part of town.  I wouldn’t have been able to walk but travel wasn’t a big issue.  The people seemed very nice and they were confident that I could do the job.  The position was for an Office Manager and I felt I could do it with no problems.  They went with the other person because she had experience in the shipping industry.  (!) 

 I am, once again, sitting on the couch watching films that I’ve seen a hundred times…  To say that I’m down is an understatement.  But, I’m a fighter.  I finally went back to the doctor a couple of days ago for a refill of my Prozac prescription and he’s given me something else to help me sleep that works well with Prozac.  Thank God!  I have been having so much trouble falling asleep.  It has worked reasonably well but last night was difficult again.  I kept thinking about that witch where I used to work.  I also wondered what else I have to do to get a job…

 Yes, I have been moping around the flat.  But no more!

 On a brighter note, now that I went to the doctor I now seem to have more energy.  I’ve actually cleaned the flat for the first time in ages.  I have made lentil lasagne and chilli con veggie – so I’ve been enjoying my time in the kitchen.  I’m still managing to eat – which is a good sign.  I’ve even spent an hour ironing today!  I told the doctor that perhaps my sleeplessness may be due to my PCOS but it’s hard to tell since I’m so anxious all the time. 

 All the plans I had for possibly writing as well as working have gone by the wayside.  I just haven’t had the energy over the past few weeks.  I make myself feel guilty because I’m not doing enough.  As always Helios is very supportive.  He says that something good will come along soon.  Of course, now that I’m finally sleeping, I have a bit more energy and a bit more – well I’m not sure what the word is but I have a bit more – is it confidence?

 I am extremely lucky though.  I keep counting my blessings: I have a great flat in a wonderful country.  I live with the love of my life.  I still have enough money in my savings account and am making a little money here and there by temping.  At least I’m getting interviews!  I’m not entirely unemployable. 

 In other news, I’ve had another period.  The first couple of days were hard but I managed to cope with just some paracetamol (acetaminophen for you Americans) which is still quite unusual for me.  I can’t say that I’m enjoying the experience but it’s not agony and for that I’m grateful!  OK I know that the symptoms will get bad again soon enough but for the moment I’m waiting for my body to get accustomed to the new cycle. 

 Speaking of Endometriosis and a job hunt: I can’t help but wonder if I’m better off just temping – I feel a lot more relaxed and not as tired but I can’t help second guessing if I’m good enough and if I should mention my endometriosis at interview.  So far I’ve not been mentioning it at all – especially since I’m only due six periods a year instead of 12 – but the whole issue has affected my self-confidence.  I can’t help it.

 I suppose its little surprise that my confidence has taken a bit of a knock.  I do hope that the job I go to will help that!


3 thoughts on “Interviews and other news

  1. Never mention health problems in an interview. Being a woman, if a woman told me she would be off a day or two every month, her resume would hit the bottom of the pile. Once you are hired and they train you and like you, it’s less likely they will have a problem with your health issues. Hopefully the new cycle will continue to be less painful.

    I wish you good luck finding a job, but if you can afford to work part-time or temp, those are great options for you now until the world economy turns around as well as for your sanity. Think of the great connections you will make for the future. Good luck.

  2. Foxy,

    Interviews are always a good sign that you’re getting noticed by hirers… so you can take heart in that. Plenty of people these days never make it to that point.

    Sorry the one you mentioned didn’t work out but try to look at it that it wasn’t meant to for whatever reason. I know that’s easier said than done.

    I’m sorry that you’re down and having trouble with sleep but glad your doctor appointment seems to have helped you.

    If you don’t have the energy to write you don’t have the energy to write. So there’s no sense beating yourself up about it.

    It’s awesome that you’re counting your blessings and in a supportive relationship. These things are huge, huge, huge.

    Oh… the endo. Good old endo! Here’s my suggestion. Regardless of whether you end up staying with temping (more on that in a minute) or seeking “permanent” employment (of which there’s really no such thing anymore), I would definitely, definitely not mention any health problems in an interview. It’s like hanging a sign over yourself that says, “discriminate against me”. In a sense, it’s like asking for trouble.

    I know you are just trying to be forthright and honest and these are noble things (!) but this is one area where you’re just asking for rejection by bringing up topics like that to people who are just meeting you. That’s just not one of the first things you want them to know about you. (Yes, it’s sad that you should have to “hide” a part of who you are but job discrimination is REAL). There are people with endometriosis and PCOS who are perfectly able to do their jobs, those who struggle mightily, and those who eventually reach a point where they cannot work (at least not a “traditional job”). Not only that but there is enormous ignorance out there on women’s reproductive conditions (and both fit that category). It’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

    Now, on to the temping subject. I’m going to quote you back to you:

    “I can’t help but wonder if I’m better off just temping – I feel a lot more relaxed and not as tired”

    Now, only you know what will work for you. No one else can tell you the answer to the question of, “should I temp or should I pursue more traditional employment?”

    That said… There is nothing wrong with temping. If you feel better (more relaxed, less tired) and you can afford to keep temping, there is no law that says you must secure some other sort of job. I am not telling you temping is the answer. It may not be at all. Only YOU can figure that out.

    What I am suggesting is that maybe you want to do a paradigm shift and give yourself permission to fully entertain the temping option. I am only suggesting this based on your own comments not only in this post but stories you’ve related in previous posts about crying in the stalls of the rest rooms at work, etc.

    Life is too short too be miserable! If you feel better temping, maybe doing it long-term is an option. Besides, temping could naturally lead you into a job where you’ve already proven yourself at the place and would then have more leeway if sick time were needed because they’d know you are not a “slacker” from seeing your previous excellent work. Or even lead to a job where part of the work could be done by logging in from home? You never know.

    Just some thoughts that jumped out at me. Hope something in there helps.

    Finally, I can never find you on twitter because I have over 500 followers now (too many to page through very well) and I can never remember your twitter name. Your twitter feed in the sidebar here keeps coming up with an error. So if you could shoot me a tweet when you get a chance, that would be awesome. 🙂

    Also, thank you very much for updating the name of my blog in your blogroll! I really appreciate it. The old blog name is still out there in so many blogrolls. So I really appreciate you doing that!

    One last thing, someday when you are feeling up to it and you get a chance, I would be honored if you’d check out my new blog and leave me a comment on it with your feedback. I worked on the blog transfer for months and I’m anxious for people’s feedback. I have been just hammered with work surrounding the blog transfer and I am FINALLY getting around to leaving some blog comments (like this one) to reconnect with people I haven’t talked with super-recently.

    Best of luck to you and please keep in touch!!

    Thank you!


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