Still here – just!

I have had a couple of interviews but no luck so far.  I’m still feeling down about my luck but am keeping my stiff upper lip!  It’s hard to carry on searching the websites when you are starting to wonder about your luck!  However, I’m doing my best – I have no other choice.  I have to carry on.

 Helios and I went to visit some old friends of his Friday night.  I got to hear some fantastic stories – including the time when the Three Muskateers (Helios and two others he is still in touch with) bought a bottle of champagne for Helios’ birthday.  They gave it a shake on the way to the park and jumped up and down with it until they popped the cork and it shot into the air!  “WA-Hey!”  They sprayed each other and when they finally went to drink it – it was gone!  They had sprayed it all over just a bit too much!

 The funny thing about visiting these people was how clearly excited they were – Helios was slapped on the back more than once and everyone was introduced to one another.  I must admit that even I was a little nervous about meeting them – perhaps I am too interested in what people think of me?  I know I am keen that Helios’ friends and family like me.  Luckily they do!

 Saturday we spent with Helios’ parents.  I think I’ve said how much I just adore his parents before…  It’s so nice to feel welcome into a family!  That evening he and I went to see the new Star Trek film together.  I’m just enough of a nerd to say that I absolutely loved it – great story, good cast.  My only complaint is that the photography is just a little too white and shiny for my taste but it wasn’t too much of a distraction. I talked to Mom as well on Sunday.  She’s doing ok but her brother has cancer and the prognosis – after a spell of remission – isn’t good.  I grew up knowing that we could count on him to help with things that Mom just couldn’t do – from snow shovelling to cleaning out mouse traps to fixing the garage door opener.  He usually did these things with a grin and refusing payment of any sort.  It was from their relationship that I knew what sibling love should be like – and how I want to treat my own baby sister… Mom is really upset about his health and I wish there was something I could do – but I know I would feel just as helpless over there as I do 4000 miles away… 

I have another interview tomorrow.  I’m trying not to get too excited about it because I don’t want to get my hopes dashed again but the subject is very interesting to me.  I’m trying not to say too much because I don’t want to jinx it!  Keep your fingers crossed for me.


I have received an honour from J at Autoimmune and I’ll pass on the Award soon. 


Keep the home fires burning.




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  1. Nice to know youre still doing well! i too am in search of a job and I’m scared to death to walk in looking pregnant and not get it! Job hunting sucks…good luck with your interview!!!

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