Delusions of Grandeur

I have a follicle on my back with delusions of grandeur.  It thinks it’s on my head.  I find it when it’s produced a hair about 2 to 3 inches long and WHITE!  WHITE!! 

Of course, I don’t know what disappoints me more – the fact that I’m producing this thing at all or the fact that it’s white 

I was telling J at Autoimmune Life (see my links) about this and I had her in stitches.  I told her that I was afraid of pulling it out because I might unravel like a skein of yarn!  I suppose I’ve just got an overactive imagination.  OK.  I know I won’t unravel.  But I don’t fancy giving it a yank either!  So when I was telling J about my white hair she mentioned that she gets the odd hair as well but it’s black.  Black.  It hardly seems fair that we ladies get these things… 

I thought that it might be my PCOS that makes me produce hair in strange and unexpected places – it’s all hormones anyway! 

All this chat about grey hair reminded me of when I first noticed I was going grey.  I stupidly thought that perhaps it was an extra light blond.  I was corrected when I was visiting my mother.  I was sitting on the floor (I’m built quite close to the ground so I never had a problem with sitting on the floor!) and Mom was in the rocking chair when she stopped – as if hit by lightening!  She started looking through my hair and then laughed so hard I thought she was going to fall off the chair!  She shouted “You’ve got grey hair!!”  How bonkers is that.  Like gee, thanks Mom.

I think most women remember when they first realise they’re going grey.  I suppose I was lucky that I started going grey at such an early age.  It gave me more than enough time to get used to the idea…  These days I think: oh dear.  There’s more.  And more.  And I’ve got grey in my eyebrows too. 

Mom told me that I resemble my father in that respect – I have his hair colouring and he went “prematurely grey” years ago.  These days I ask Helios to colour my hair for me.  He’s very good.  If he didn’t colour my hair I’d have to try and do it myself (which can get messy) or I’d have to pay someone else to do it. 

In preparation of my weekend with the in-laws I’ve been baking cookies today.  I like to spoil them.  I try and treat them as I would my own family.  Helios’ father has a sweet tooth as large as his son’s.  The family joke is that he would eat poop if it had chocolate sprinkles on…  I hope my cooking is better than that!! 

I’m feeling brighter today – and part of that is due to my discussions with J.  Thanks very much!



One thought on “Delusions of Grandeur

  1. You have me in stitches all over again!! E is wondering what is going on over here lol!!! I think we’ve kept him laughing throughout the night too lol… or at the very least shaking his head at us!
    At least your white hair sounds like it’s not an obvious spot….. my black one is in a very obvious spot on my wrist if I don’t shave it off right away lol!
    DON’T PULL IT! Then who would have me in stitches in the middle of my night – especially on nights E isn’t home? You caught us one of his nights off this time. Ok – you’re right, you won’t unravel – but let’s not chance it!!!!
    Stupid hormones – I have enough dislike for them without this stupid hair crap.
    E started going gray at a young age as well…. late teens or early twenties, I’m not sure which, and he’s turning on a movie, so I’m not asking right now.
    I get grey (or light blonde? lighter than my normal hair color at any rate) hair now that I’m on the Plaquenil – it messes with pigments. :/
    Those cookies sound awesome! The best part is you getting the guy next door to try one of the kinds! It would have been great to see the look on his face when you asked lol!
    I feel brighter today too, partially due to our discussions. Thank you too!!

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