Fish Bowl

Helios complained last night that I hadn’t blogged recently. I must apologise to him and you that I’ve been a little quiet. I’m afraid that I’ve been a bit down being out of work. I really don’t like sitting on my own all day. At the same time, there is a small part of me that has enjoyed the time away from my bully. My nightmares about my ex-office have eased. Oh, that doesn’t mean that I don’t spend half my nights reliving conversations and wishing I had said this or that.

So, I’ve managed to get a little temping work. I’ve been working at the local Community Mental Health Service at the hospital as a receptionist. I sit behind two locked doors and there are some people I’m not allowed to let into the building because they’re usually aggressive. Despite this, I really enjoy working there. All the employees are lovely. I get to smile and be cheeky and laugh. Oh sure, there is a little stress involved, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. It’s so much easier to work somewhere where the people are nice. The great thing about working there is that I have also started gaining confidence again.

I’ve also managed an interview with an IT company earlier today. The company looks interesting and the role sounds OK but it’s about half an hour’s drive away. I suppose the past few years have been a little too comfortable for me in that I have only been 5 minutes from home… The role is to support a team and reporting to a bloke who seems very nice. I prefer working for men – I find the women I’ve worked for to be mostly bullies and difficult to please.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that I get offered a second interview – I figure if I at least get a job, it will be easier for me to find something else if I don’t like it…

I’m trying to remain strong.