It was my birthday recently.  I was woken up with a bottle of champagne, a “mixed tape” CD and some nookie for the occasion!  Needless to say I enjoyed being woken up yesterday!  (Sorry to gross you out Mom!)


The “mixed tape” CD was full of songs that remind Helios of me and every song put a smile on my face.  I just love how thoughtful he is.  That CD meant more to me than anything he could have just wandered out and bought.  


My ex happened to ring at 10 and I met him for a herbal tea in the local coffee shop.  He claimed he had a card for me but promptly forgot it on the way down to town to meet me.  Still, at least he bought the drinks so I can’t complain!  He is doing very well.  He’s on the board of directors of a FTSE 100 company here and regularly travels between the US and UK.  He sounds like he loves the job, and I’m happy for him.  It was nice to see him mainly so I could get some gossip (about his family) and any advice he has for me about getting a new job.  He has a sound business head so I always take his business advice seriously… 


Ramman did say something that made me think: I’m very good with immediate stresses but not so good with longer-ongoing stress.  He’s just the opposite.  I think he actually enjoys a slow burn of stress that keeps him from finishing anything whereas I start to go to pieces.  However, he throws his toys out of the pram at the slightest bump in the road and I tend to deal with slight hiccups with a smile.  This information is vital – I think – when considering a new job. 


Later on I popped to the Unemployment Office.  I missed my Monday appointment (because I was temping) and had to go to ensure I get paid benefits on time.  My next appointment is two weeks away.  I’m hoping I find a job (at the very least temping!) before then.


Finally that evening Helios and I had curry for dinner and a cuddle on the couch.  It’s wonderful to be in love!


My perfect birthday is like any other perfect day for me – spending time with people I love (or just respect in the case of the ex! LOL).  You can class this as a great birthday!  I have received cards from close friends, contacted my family and I spent time with Helios.  It is great to feel loved.  Again, if I compare my past to my present, I am delighted with the change in my life over the past few years. 


This weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend in England and Helios and I have a date with the neighbours in the garden with some wine.  So that will be another great day.  Let’s hope the weather is good!


I can’t help but think of my family around my birthday.  You know, when Mom was my age she had a teenager and a toddler in the house.  I am shocked at how tired I feel (presumably thanks to the Endometriosis?) and I cannot believe that she managed to not smack my head in when I was being a petulant brat.  I don’t have nearly the responsibilities she did and I’m amazed at how well my sister and I turned out. 



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  1. Happy late birthday!
    Sorry I missed saying happy birthday on your day – I’ve been pretty much in my own world the last few days because of how bad this period is. And we found out yesterday that E’s grandmother’s memorial service is in the morning!

    Sounds like an awesome birthday! My best birthdays have been the ones since leaving the ex. The first one my bday present was having left him, and my (now) inlaws did a bbq and gave me a card, and my cousins came up from where they live (we lived 2 1/2 hours apart at the time) to spend the day with me! This last one was spent with just E – my inlaws were out of town, and he made enchiladas, and my sister sent a bouquet and an itunes gift card. 🙂 Mixed cds are an absolutely wonderful birthday present for sure!!

    Good luck with unemployment, and I hope you find a new job quickly!

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