Signing on

I’m in two minds about what happened today.


Yes, I’m happy that I’ve got something else done.  Yes, I’m happy that I’ll get a little help – which means that I won’t be going through my savings as quickly as before.  It wasn’t a humiliating process. 


Having said that, I found it also to be difficult to admit defeat and ask for help.  Asking for help isn’t the sort of thing I do easily and now I feel deflated. 


Luckily I have other things to concentrate on…  For example, life with Helios just goes from strength to strength.  I was reminded of this when I ran into a friend of mine that I’ve not seen in a number of years.  She asked me how married life was treating me and I always smile when I think of him.  Yes.  Life at home is just great.  Sure I have other frustrations but it’s easier to focus on the positive when I’ve got such a happy home life.


We’re coming to the end of the English Football (Soccer to you Americans) season and his favourite team is doing well this year.  He and I are going to listen to another game tonight.  I know a lot of women don’t really care for sports but I grew up in a US University town – and I watched a lot of sports.  I grew to love American Football and Basketball.  I never much cared for professional sports but would go out of my way to watch the local university games on the TV. 


For years I used to say that I wanted to support an English Football team but Ramman never watched sports so I supported the national team.  When my mom and sister came to visit in 1996 we watched a couple of games in the Euro 96 tournament.  I really enjoyed it.  Now I feel like I’m my old self again, following a team and hoping for a good result…


But I digress.  I’ll try not to feel a failure for asking for help and concentrate on the positive.




6 thoughts on “Signing on

  1. Help, like unemployment? What’s it called there? We always say we earned unemployment by working so there’s no stigma attached here. And here, millions of people are on unemployment. Scary. Good luck.

  2. Yes. Unemployment Benefit in the UK is called “Job Seekers Allowance”. With luck I’ll get some interviews and a job offer before I have to go back there!

    Thanks for your comment, Linda.

  3. Allison,

    Thanks for your comment. I don’t feel like such a tom-boy now!

    I managed to go to a live Manchester United game back in November. I just LOVED it! The atmosphere! The jumping up and down and shouting when we scored! Brilliant.


  4. Jeanne,

    Once again, thanks for your comments. I know asking for help is only natural but it doesn’t make me feel any less guilty about it. I don’t know why…

    Also, I’m sure you’re right about the toxic environment. I’m so much more relaxed even though I’m looking for work!


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