I’ve never signed on for benefits before.  The best way to do this in the UK is to make a phone call which takes about 40 minutes, and then you’ll get an appointment.  My appointment is tomorrow. 


The phone call took so long!  I’ve never answered so many questions about my health, my ability to work, what I’m entitled to, where I’m looking for work, do I have a criminal record, am I expected in Court, am I married etc etc


They also asked about Helios!  Where he works, how much he earns, his ability to work, what he’s entitled to and if he’s looking for work. 


By the end of it I was giggling.  I couldn’t believe how many questions I had to keep saying “No” in answer. 


I thought it would be humiliating to ask for help.  I’ve been raised to be a bit more independent than this but I can’t help but need help from time to time…  Why should I feel guilty?  Logically I know I’m entitled but I can’t help but feel a failure. 


Maybe I’ll feel better after my meeting tomorrow.


The good news is that there seems to be a number of job opportunities out there and I’m chasing for more in the hopes that I’ll get an interview soon.  Wish me luck!



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