Job Hunt

The job market isn’t as bad as the media have been making out recently.  There are a number of opportunities on every website I’ve visited.


In the meantime, I’m spending my days online and looking for more work.  I’m using all my contacts to ensure I don’t miss anything and I’m sincerely hoping that I’ll start interviewing soon.  Normally I interview well, I spend a lot of time researching the company and coming up with cunning questions.


These include:


What is the atmosphere like?

Do you have a specific dress code?

How many people are you seeing for this position?

When are you looking to make a decision?

How do you think I will fit into the team?

How did this role become available?



I’m also thinking about what questions that I might be asked:


What I have done, know how to do and can do.
I need to remember all the skills, abilities and talents I possess that will make me an excellent employee.

Why I feel I can do the job?
What makes me qualified for the job?
What I have to offer the company or organization?
Why I want to work for the employer in question?


I need to know how the position relates to my talents and goals, such as specialty area and opportunities for advancement.

I also need to be prepared with answers to why you want to work at a particular organization, and what makes me the best candidate for this position. Understanding the company, their mission and their environment will help answer with these questions.


But I’m getting ahead of myself – ever so slightly!  I’ve applied for 12 positions in total.  Now, some of them have gone to interview pretty much as I was sending through my CV, but I’m still forward for a number of jobs.  At the moment no one job sounds better than another – I’m just keen to get back out there and working! 


At least I’m managing to stay positive, eh?  I’m not sure if I’m positive because I’m still on my “happy pills” or if it’s because I’m just happy to be away from that bully.  Either way, I feel stronger and happier.  That can only be a good attitude when looking for work.


Keep your fingers crossed!




3 thoughts on “Job Hunt

  1. Just as a suggestion, many job opportunities can be accessed by “networking”. Usually it is most useful to contact your extended networks (i.e. people you went to school, club with) that you don’t see on the regular basis. There was actually a blog post by someone, that was mentioning that recently. Good Luck

  2. Safinr,
    Thanks for your comment. What great advice! Thanks very much. I’m looking into my “networks” as well…

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