Looking for Work

Well I tried.


I discussed my job with my boss but with every point I raised, she countered with something else that I’d done wrong.  There came a point where I thought “I’m not going to win here.” So I said “It sounds like you’ve made your mind up.  What do you think is the best way forward?” 


I’ve got garden leave for the rest of this week and then I’m on my own, again. 


I gave her the keys to the building and she gave me my belongings and I left.  I did mention to her before I left that I do have contacts in the documentation industry and I still want to give her access to these contacts.  We will organise something in the near future. 


I didn’t want to leave on a bad note.  I would like a decent recommendation after all!


I’ve applied for a number of jobs already.  I managed to get some advice about finding a job from a couple of friends at the weekend – including Ramman.  I’m trying to feel positive.  I’ve started giving the flat a good clean and I’ve been ringing the agencies and checking websites for positions.  I have noticed that the market seems to have picked up slightly since I last looked for work.  I’m hoping that means I will find something soon!


There is more good news – I temped for a week back in January and the company may want me for some more time later on this month.  I’ve love to go back.  I’ve also been told that they really liked me so I’m hoping that someone there will give me a good reference too!




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  1. You knew with her screaming at everyone it was only a matter of time. You will be better off finding something with decent people running it. Best of luck that you find something soon.

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