I was at home again today.  My stomach was playing up again this morning – vomiting and diarrhoea.  YUK!


I dragged myself to the doctor just to ensure I’m doing all I can to feel better.  The doc seemed to think I’ve got a virus.  She looked at my throat, my ears, took my temperature and felt my stomach.  She doesn’t want me back to work until after the Easter holiday. I’m so tired.  The past couple of weeks I’ve been fighting off a cold and feeling worse and worse instead of better.  I haven’t been sleeping at night.  I get hot and kick off the covers.  I must just be really run down. 


I can’t help but worry about work.  It’s only typical that I finally get my endometriosis symptoms under control and then I get broadsided by a virus.  OK, I’ve only had a total of 3 days off work (counting tomorrow) but I don’t ever want to be out of work again!


I’m trying to remain positive but I am having a hard time of it just now…



3 thoughts on “Virus

  1. Allison and Autoimmune,

    I’m still suffering a bit but not as bad as I was… Your good wishes helped tremendously!


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