Twitter frustration, head-cold and The Confucius Stage

It’s taken a number of weeks and I’ve finally sat down to try to get my head around Twitter.  Perhaps it’s because of my head-cold, but I still can’t understand it.  I am there at least…


This week at work was busy but calm.  I now tend to just stay at the office until I get certain things sorted.  Sometimes it’s easier to get someone started on a translation by sending them an email and ringing them on a Friday evening than waiting until Monday morning and praying that a translator will have enough time before my deadline next week!


Despite our colds, Helios and I babysat the neighbour’s daughter last night.  She was good as gold.  She’s just over a year old and into everything.  I love the age that she’s at because she tends to say things with lots of emotion (sometimes very seriously like a philosopher) but in no tongue that I can understand.  I call it “The Confucius Stage”.  She regularly gave her stuffed duck some water with her Tommy Tippee cup. 


Helios asked me more than once if she was dirty because he could smell her.  I didn’t realise my head was quite so full of cold because I couldn’t smell her at all!  I went ahead and changed her – sure enough, she needed it!  We then watched Looney Toons I gave her a bottle and we had a cuddle before she went to bed.  I thought she would go to sleep on me but didn’t drift off until Helios took her and patted her bottom.


It was when I was changing her that I realised just how much things have changed since I last changed nappies.  These fasten with Velcro!  She has a special bin for the dirty nappies that I just couldn’t work out how to open.  I asked the baby but she just looked at me…  In the end I had to ask Helios to figure out.  Luckily he’s slightly more mechanically minded than I am and I think we disposed of the dirty properly.


Just before the proud parents returned home, the baby had a little night terror and started crying but I patted her bottom until she settled again.


Luckily the rest of the weekend we have nothing planned.  I’ve already had an afternoon nap today and plan to get lots more rest tomorrow.




6 thoughts on “Twitter frustration, head-cold and The Confucius Stage

  1. I’ve found that TweetDeck helps. Jeanne recommended it and I’m so glad she did, or I’d probably still be extremely lost. Tweet Deck helps manage everything, and seperates different types of tweets (replies to you, your friends general tweets, and direct messages for example) into columns. I’ve found it to be extremely helpful.
    “The Confucius Stage”… I like it! Sounds like you had fun with her. 🙂
    Enjoy your restful weekend. I hope you both feel better soon (is Helios still sick?)!

  2. Autoimmune, thanks for the recommendation! I’ll give it a try.

    The baby is a real sweetie. She says her name – badly. We were trying to get her to say “Uncle Helios” but it came out of her sounding like “Ug Ug”. Close enough!

    Yes, Helios and I are both full of head-cold and coughing. He said that the flat is too small for the both of us to be ill at the same time. I’m sorry to say I think he’s right!

  3. Foxy,

    I’ll help you w/twitter but 1st I need your twitter name! Let me know! Then I can follow you and help you…

    It will get easier!

    Like J said, TweetDeck helps immensely! Just Google to find/install it. That’s what I did. (It’s free).


  4. Jeanne, sorry I’ve been a bit non-communicative. I have had a cold but still went to work – so I’ve been coming home and collapsing! My Twitter name is Foxy Waitingroom.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated!

  5. Foxy,

    OK. I had never seen a twitter name with a space in it. So when that failed I tried it without a space and found you. You have it set up that you have to approve people before they can follow you… So I just sent you a request.

    So your twitter name is Foxywaitingroom.

    I can’t direct message you until you approve my request. I’m jeanneendo on twitter.



    If someone asks for your twitterpage, it’s this:

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