Endometriosis Awareness – Bloody Hell!

I recently saw a poster for Endometriosis UK entitled “Bloody Hell”.  Finally a phrase that succinctly explains what it’s like to live with Endometriosis!


I have lived with the symptoms since I was 12.  I used to vomit from the pain and all the doctors could do was give me painkillers and a pat on the head.


Since then I’ve had 3 laparoscopies (two for Endometriosis and one for PCOS) and I’m taking birth control pills – running 3 pill packs together so I don’t have periods too often. 


It’s a pathetic solution if you ask me.  Thinking about it, why should I suffer pain that keeps me from working – even if it is only six times a year instead of 12.  Sure, fewer times a year is good but I’ve been on a monthly cycle for so long that I’m afraid it’s going to take my hormones years to get into the new rhythm.  In the meantime, my cycle seems to start normally, I start to get PMT (US translation: PMS) in week 3 and I don’t stop being a real pain in the butt for about 3 weeks.  Then my body seems to have decided that it’s not going to happen again and I start to feel remotely normal.  Then I stop and have a period and the cycle starts all over again!


I sometimes wonder if I were bleeding from the eyes, would I get better service from doctors?  If a limb dropped off just outside the doctor’s office, would I get more sympathy and a solution that helps me cope with my condition?  I don’t want to go on and on about the fact that no one can see my pain and perhaps that’s why I lived with the condition for so long before I got surgery and a diagnosis.


Now, I realise that life isn’t fair and you have to take what you’re given and make the most of it BUT I will not accept that endometriosis is something that I can simply live with!



3 thoughts on “Endometriosis Awareness – Bloody Hell!

  1. Foxy,

    “Bloody hell”… what a PERFECT descriptor! Thanks for posting this. I’m glad J (Autoimmmune Life) tweeted this post and I’m about to go retweet it now!


    P.S. I too have vomited from the pain of endo. I have also passed out from the pain. I’ve had 6 laparoscopies and 1 laparotomy (major surgery). I’ve had endo for 27 years. Yes, you would most certainly get better service if you were bleeding from the eyes. For heaven’s sake, most docs would get more concerned over a nosebleed than endo! If a limb dropped off, you get about a thousand times better help. That’s a given. Yes, there are many factors in delayed diagnosis of endo but “invisible illness” is certainly one of them. You go girl!

  2. Jeanne, thanks very much for your messages! I thought that “Bloody Hell” sounded utterly perfect too – especially as it’s such a well-used phrase here!

    I hope you’re feeling OK. I’m pretty tired myself this evening. Probably still due to the excitement of a new job – I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually!

    Take care,

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