Odd ramblings…

When I was young I loved horses.  OK, that’s an understatement.  I used to run around on all fours (with my bottom high in the air) so that I sounded like a horse running.  I told my mom once that I wanted to make horse noises (neighing) for the movies and when she asked why anyone wouldn’t just get a horse to do this instead, I said “I’d do it better than a horse”.  I used to pretend that my bicycle was a horse.  I even told my mom that I wanted to marry a horse!  Once my grandmother was so concerned, she asked my mother if she’d been frightened by a horse when she was pregnant with me.  When I say that I think I was an odd child – I’m really referring to days like these.  Luckily I slowly grew out of it.  I still think that they’re elegant animals.  At one point I was tempted to take a blacksmith course and escape to the country but I know I’m really too happy with my creature comforts to ever really do that…  Not to mention I get terrible allergies!


When I was young Dad had an accident in his silver Pontiac Grand Prix and he bought a red one for spares.  He then would take me to a farm at the weekend and he’d work on the car and I’d look at the rabbits and braid my hair in the hopes that something I did would give my hair a bit of shape – of course nothing seemed to work until I discovered hair curlers.  I had a phase of sleeping in curlers with hair gel on my hair and then VOILA curls in the morning but the curls always seemed to die away after an hour or two.  Isn’t it funny how people always want what they don’t have. 


When I’m not excited, I’m too hot to sleep or just laying there in bed of an evening thinking about work and the mortgage and what I should do with my old diamond ring that was leftover from my relationship with Ramman.  Do I sell it now or wait until the market has picked up?  Or do I just hang onto it and give it to my sister by my Will after I’m gone?  I’m tempted to sell it to be honest.  Trouble is when do I sell it and what do I do with the money?  I really don’t want to sell it only to spend the money on the mortgage (and now that I have a job I won’t necessarily have to) but it seems silly to keep it in the cupboard when I don’t really want it anymore.  I would sell it and just put the money by for a rainy day but the interest rates aren’t very good at the moment and it might be more financially astute to hang onto it until better times. 


I’m afraid I’m just rambling this time.  I’ll try and make more sense next time!