Xmas party Feb 09

I don’t know why my new work put off their Christmas party until February but I was grateful for the opportunity to get to know everyone outside of work yesterday. 


I was unsure if I should wear my black dress so I tried it on in front of Helios.  He said I looked great and when I asked if he thought it was too low-cut, he simply said “boobies”!  The dress nearly went back in the wardrobe!  I knew that everyone else would be dressing up so I decided to scare the natives with the sight of my cleavage!


We had nearly a full day at work – we all left the office and caught the 3 pm train into London. 


We started off at Brown’s in London with “Afternoon Tea” which consisted of a choice of tea (I chose Rose – which was delicious), finger sandwiches without crusts, scones with jam and clotted cream, and a variety of pretty finger cakes.  This wide variety of carbs arrived in a tower of plates that were replenished accompanied (in my case) with a glass of pink champagne.  It was all terribly civilised and frightfully English.  I really enjoyed myself.  I don’t often get to behave like a lady and do something that I would consider to be “refined”.  After we couldn’t possibly eat any more, we took a short walk to another hotel for cocktails and water.


I knew I’d be suffering a bit today.  Of course, I am.  Not only do I have a little headache, I also feel even more dry and hot vaginally than I have done over the past few weeks.  I will have to be doubly strict with my diet over the next few days to feel more normal. 


I’ve been told that the vaginal pain comes because I have low oestrogen levels (which is related to my PCOS problem) but my most recent specialist insisted that my birth control would give me more than enough oestrogen – but clearly that’s not entirely the case…  I’m starting to think that the only answer I’m going to find is that there isn’t a balance and I have to decide which symptoms I can most easily live with on a day to day basis.


It’s not good enough, is it?


Sorry, I started off this entry bragging about a Xmas party in February and I’ve ended up having another moan.  I’ll have another glass of water now and go back to bed.




7 thoughts on “Xmas party Feb 09

  1. I am laughing so hard at Helios’ comment about the dress that I’m going to have to clean this up before I post it lol!!!
    Sounds like you had fun!! My aunt used to take us to a tea place near where she lived, I think it was started by a lady from England… but I always enjoyed it. I may have to ask her if we can go again next time I visit (if it’s still there)!!!
    Sorry to hear about the vaginal pain, I deal with it also. One thing that helped me is estrogen cream inserted vaginally… I also use it on the outside where I get pain… it seems to almost moisturize the cells in the area, though I’m guessing that’s not quite how it works! I know women on my vulvar vestibulitis community have used different estrogen creams and had some success as well. Something to look into possibly.

  2. Autoimmune, I must admit that it’s nice that Helios appreciates my “attributes” but I was worried about looking cheap. Helios asked me, after reading the article, why I nearly changed out of it, saying “If I thought you looked like a slut at a hooker bar or if I thought your ‘attributes’ (not exactly the right word here, but I’m sure you’ll take my meaning!) were hanging out I would have said that but you didn’t.” Isn’t he great?

    I took your advice and grabbed some cream while I was out. I think I still have some from a prescription too so I’ll dig that out and give it a try. Thanks for reminding me!! I’ll let you know how I get on.

    Lots of love, Foxy

  3. Helios – No… clean up my comment! I didn’t wet myself… the comment just looked horrible. I’m sure if I’d needed to use the facilities when I read that, I probably would have ended up wetting myself though… there were tears pouring out of my eyes!!!

    Foxy – He is great 🙂
    Glad I was able to help you! Good luck with it and definitely let me know!

  4. Endochick, I would highly recommend it too. Unfortunately, I suffered all day yesterday (from eating all those carbs – it’s an Insulin Resistance thing) but I’m feeling better today. I really like floral teas and regularly drink Jasmine tea. I find that a nice Rose tea is harder to find so I take the opportunity to have it when I see it.

    A tea party sounds frightfully civilised. Do you make cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off? It’s an English thing – and not as strange tasting as it sounds.


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