Work Achievements and Other News

It’s the end of my second week at my new job and I’m still feeling confident.  I’ve come to grips with the process of dealing with translation projects and am starting to build relationships with translators.  I need to get involved in creating a spreadsheet of preferred suppliers but I can start that next week… 


My boss is completely mental.  She brings her cats to the office and I’m now officially an aunt to two cats.  In order to cope with the allergies, I take my nasal spray and wash my hands soon after stroking them.  Despite this, I find them relaxing in the office.  Sure, they’re a distraction but the fact that my boss brings them in the office makes the place seem fun. 

The cats themselves are sweet but went bonkers when they smelled the tuna in my salad.  They sat on my desk like vultures until I finished it off and put the bowl away.  I called it cupboard love and my boss suitably giggled.


In other news:


I saw Ramman after his birthday and because he keeps finding things in his house that he considers to be mine.  This time it was an old spoon, some more out-of-date paperwork and an old photo of a friend.  I went over to his house for a cup of tea (I brought my own because I’m a little particular – I need caffeine free drinks because caffeine instigates an insulin response.) and a chat.  It is nice to catch up with an old friend, and even nicer to leave Ramman’s house behind.  I don’t hate him but I have started to see him in the light that a lot of my friends and family see him – he really is full of himself.  I can’t help but think that he wanted to see me to crow about his impending job promotion and HUGE pay increase. 


At least this time he had the decency to remind me that his mortgage is a lot higher since I left him but I know that I took with me the equivalent of one year’s salary to him a few years ago and his salary and bonuses have only increased since I left.  What a pr!ck!  As if I’d ever feel sorry for him financially.  These days to even things out, I feel the need to crow when I’m around him: show off by telling him all the shows and movies I’ve recently so that I’m not outdone by him.  Beyond that it was nice to talk to him.  He seems to be doing much better these days, he’s lost weight and his ambition is taking to further dizzying heights.  I wish him luck.


I find I only have an emotional reaction when I go in the extra bedroom – which is where I was staying while I was separated from Ramman, and when I was courting Helios, before I found our flat.  The rest of the house is cold to me.  It’s as if I never lived there.  I used to find this reaction strange but now I don’t – it’s just how it is.  Perhaps it stems from the fact that I never felt comfortable living with hm?


I suppose at least the decade I spent with him isn’t a total waste at least we can still be friendly…